• Captain America loved all the states in the union, especially those that would honor his prescription for glaucoma.

  • J

    Sequester strikes the Avengers

  • Anonymous

    Times Must be tough — even the Super Hero’s are sharing their puff…

  • TG

    Looks like Boy Wonder what the munchies one too many times.

  • Santonio

    Are you telling me I am the only super hero that gets high? Wonder Woman has an invisible jet for christ’s sake.

  • Anonymous

    The sweeping gun laws and resulting drop in crime allows Captain A a much deserved break.

  • Anonymous

    “A” for Apathy!

  • A

    Robin, trust me, you’re going to have way more fun with me than with Batman. Now, hurry up and hit this shit, I wanna smash some milk gallons before I get my drink on.

  • anony

    Superman my ass. From now on he’s Shwagman. This stuff sucks and we need a new dealer.

  • Captain America – Furloughed! But his new gig as the Dispensary Avenger comes with a new sidekick and everything!

  • Go ahead and spark it. No one will notice… I wore my camo hat. We’ll blend right in.

  • dilbert

    Does this outfit give me camel toe?

  • cp

    See Robin – this is how you become a superhero without having any supernatural powers. This’ll give you the power to believe you can do anything and these muscles are real

  • Niko

    Some people call me Captain America…Others call me Michael Phelps

  • Since decriminalization, I feel so much more …super…or is it lethargic…or super…no wait…I’m hungary…you?

  • Dan

    Just another Wednesday in California

    • Anonymous

      well played

  • PG

    It’s 4:20 SOMEwhere!

  • cahbf

    A few months on the set Robert Downey Jr. and you’ be smoking kush too

  • wdc

    Try this… it makes you feel like you can *fly*.

  • That Man A

    Crime is lurking Robin… time to POWER UP

  • Anonymous

    Who do you think inspired Michael phelps?

  • When all else fails, turn to Captain MooseKnuckle and his trusty sidekick.

  • KB

    On the set of Captain America XII: “Mr. Rogen, Mr. Lucas says we’re gonna need another take.” “Aww, $%&# – dude, Robin, hold this.”

  • Chris Suspect

    And what does the photographer get? Free publicity? Where’s my T-shirt! LOL Next time I think I’ll join these Super Slackers so we can commiserate about sequestration and the state of photojournalism! :)

    Thanks for making this a caption contest, some of these are really funny.

  • Derrick Dockeray

    AVENGERS ASemm…wwhhaatt?

  • zandunga

    Is it true – Real or fake, women just don’t care as long as they can touch?

  • SMC

    I’m loyal to nothing, General, but the gree…er, the Dream.

  • jenny

    Smoke break sponsored by the Green Lantern.

  • Mark calms his nerves before his Casa Furniture audition.

  • Spirit Equality

    Even after successfully defeating every supervillian on Earth, Captain America and Robin still were not allowed to smoke indoors.

  • Anonymous

    Super hero’s getting ripped.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you got to hit that before Wonder Woman gets here. She ALWAYS bogarts my best stuff.

  • SC

    Dude, I am super high right now.

  • PG

    All the sudden I’m pretty hungry. Where did Iron Man say that shawarma place was?

  • Anonymous

    Captain America: The First Scavenger

    A scavenger smoker is someone who never has weed of their own. But as soon as you smoke it, here they come.
    “back up robin, I ain’t even hit the mufukka yet”

  • Anonymous


  • Moose Knuckle Superhero, smoking hot

  • blueskyrich

    You didn’t know that Captain America is under contract to Philip Morris? Have you ever seen him corralled a bad guy who is smoking?

  • Crystal

    Screw being Captain America…I’m Captain Washington State

  • “Holy Captain Bogart! Puff puff pass, will ya?”

  • Stephanie

    It’s ok. I’m not inhaling.

  • After somehow finding parking at Gallery Place for an air fortress and a jet-powered car, Captain America and Robin needed a little something “special” to take the edge off.

  • Dude, if you had to wear this costume all day you would need a smoke break too.

  • Nate

    Camel toe.

  • nils Weinstein

    one giant hit for mankind…

  • SJC

    Hurry up and hit that before Superman gets here, you know he can’t handle the krypto.


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