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  • Kevin

    Better late… ? We’ll pick it up.

  • There’s an Xmas tree on the southeast corner of 12th & W, smooshed up against the fence of the field used as a parking lot by True Gospel Baptist Church

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I think it was recently left there, too, like they placed it there on purpose instead of in front of their house/apartment so it would be their eyesore.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    theres still one on Q between 17/18th.. im thinking about calling 311 on it

  • Anonymous

    There’s also one on the corner of Fuller and Mozart.

  • One just appeared the other week on Calvert (just east of Wisconsin near the community center) – I need to snap a picture for PoP.

  • styglan1dc

    There are also two thrown into someone’s side yard on Mount Pleasant St between Argonne and Hobart. They blend in well to the shrubbery but are definitely there.

  • Anonymous

    there’s a house in brookland that still has a wreath on their door and yard decorations

  • My tree was up all through January. It was so cold, and a lighted tree warms up the place.

  • I saw one recently around 5th & Allison NW

  • Anonymous

    Oh I have recently seen a few Christmas trees STILL LIT in windows. I would sincerely hope these trees are artificial as they would otherwise be an extreme fire hazard by now. Furthermore, if you still have your tree up and illuminated you are either chronically lazy (and perhaps one of those hoarder-types I see on tv) or there is just something wrong upstairs.

  • Joe in SW

    I’ve always said “If you’re going to put up decorations for the birth, might as well leave them up for the ressurection.”

  • ShawRez

    The one in the picture has actually been there since late January, prob the day after they stopped picking up trees. I keep hoping it will root

  • utterlyanon

    aww my old hood!

  • Sarah

    There are at least three trees on Rhode Island between 14th and 15th that have been there since late January.


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