Heads Up for Speed Bump on Lanier Pl, NW

by Prince Of Petworth April 2, 2013 at 2:30 pm 8 Comments


Dear PoPville,

Last week on Lanier (in Lanier Heights) between Quarry and Ontario Roads the street was closed for a day only to reopen with the speed bump there doubled in height. It was not re-painted or labeled so cars have been going by all week at the ‘normal’ speed and you can hear each one smash across. Just a heads up!

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  • wobble

    This crazy speed bump is really a problem. i have a sports car and have to go over (only on one side) at a crawl. If that side happens to be the left (for me), people get into a major road rage. I hope that a speed bump doesn’t result in me getting killed by some dissed guy with and attitude and a gun.

    • Anonymous

      sports car ruh roh

  • Anonymous

    Hey, that speed table sign has a mustache!

    • Anonymous

      Or a very awesome barber shop quartet hat.

  • Ward One Resident

    FYI POP it’s Lanier Place, not road.

  • Anon

    Seems kind of ridiculous. It’s between two stop signs on a narrow 2 way st. You have to crawl through there if there is another car on the road.

  • I am pretty sure that this is a really bad temporary patch if it is the one I am thinking about. There is work going on at a house right there and I think they had to dig up the speed hump to do work in the street. They just really patched it badly. Best recourse would be to contact DDOT.

  • Mike

    40 kph / 25 mph is the LEGAL speed limit in DC. Any speed control hump/bump/table/dip/dump that prevents travel at that speed is ILLEGAL!

    A device that completely destroys vehicles at 26 mph is fine, but NOT 25.

    If there is a special legal reason why travel must be reduced, post the area as a 5/1015/20 mph block and be done with it.


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