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  • Anonymous

    Great lunch option that’s a bit more creative than Chipotle. I’m from the Boston area (where they’re based) and was happy to see them expand down here.

    • Farnsworth

      I was about to say; the place really stands out in a “you ain’t from around here, are ya” way for some reason and is vaguely off-putting because of it.

      • Heaven’s me we can’t have any cosmopolitaness is our fair staid city!

        • JL

          Ah yes, a carryout burrito joint. The epitome of “cosmopolitanness”.

      • ah

        I have that feeling when I walk down the street about just about everyone I pass.

  • Anonymous

    With so many other options in DC, this place isn’t worth the hype.

    • Anon

      Exactly what I was going to say! Plus the lunch lines are always crazy long. If you’re looking for something different, Crepeaway on 20th & L is fantastic and never busy.

    • manimal

      there’s hype? i never heard of the place before.

    • Boloco

      Aww sorry we didn’t live up to the hype for you! :( We’re working our best to pump through those long lines and roll up burritos for you as fast as possible! Did you happen to pick up a boloco card when you visited? If so, email the numbers on the back to buzz@boloco.com!

  • Anonymous

    I just assumed Boloco was a store that sold bolo ties. Thanks for the clarification – will be checking out this lunch spot soon!

    • ah

      I thought they sold crazy bos.

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was Foloco. Isn’t that the alcohol with caffeine in it?

  • every time I’ve been the black beans have been crunchy. I hate when places have that happen.

    • oh dang, that’s no good! We’re so sorry – we hate crunchy rice too! Did you happen to pick up a boloco card when you visited? If so, email the numbers on the back to buzz@boloco.com!

    • Yuck! Crunchy beans suck. So sorry about that! Email us your boloco card (if you don’t have one, come pick one up – they’re free!) to buzz@boloco.com! :)

  • takeonebakeone

    I’ve passed it 100 times. Always thought it was a shoe store or a no-contract cell phone company. They should put up a sign that says “We sell food”.

    • Definitely thought it was a shoe store. I never thought no-contract cell company, but I could see it. Good one.

      • Anon

        I always thought it was a shoe store, too. Maybe because the logo is so similar to the payless logo?

        • Easy mistake to make – the tables and chairs outside just scream “Shoe Store”

          • that’s exactly what we were going with the chairs & tables! ;)

        • Anonymous

          I can see the misunderstanding. You’re thinking of Payless’s BOGO – buy one, get one – sales.

    • Anonymous

      what is that Cricket place, by the way? Do they have chapulines?

  • Sam

    Their buffalo chicken burritos are okay. Everything else is bland. Not nearly the quality/freshness of Chipotle or District Taco.

    • If they were done properly, they’d be unbeatable. But I just had a Cajun burrito from them, and I’m not clear on what was supposed to separate it from a regular burrito. There was no cajun anything, just a collection of bland flavors. The only spice came from my side of habanero salsa.

  • CoHiGuy

    Haven’t been to the Farragut location, only the downtown Bethesda location. They have stupid self-service ordering kiosks that are a little confusing and lack description of what exactly you’re getting. So, you wind up going to the counter anyway to have the cashier answer your questions and take your order.

    The burritos aren’t as large as Chipotle’s. For some people, that might be good. For others, when comparing what you get here vs. what you get at Chipotle, not so much. But, they offer a different variety. Overall, not bad but nothing absolutely mouth-wateringly amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Skip the burritos and just go for the Nutella milkshake. I don’t think they use ice cream so it’s not as heavy but still really delicious!

  • Anonymous

    nutella milkshake is the best thing there.

    • Nutella aficionado

      That sounds seriously tempting.

  • I eat here around once a week, if only because it’s a one minute walk from my work building. It’s ok, I like that they offer lots of different veggies to put in your burrito/bowl.

    But I think it really offers more of a “wrap” as opposed to a straight-up burrito. If you are looking for something like you get at Well-Dressed or Chiptotle, this place isn’t it.

  • anon

    Order ahead online. Otherwise you’re waiting in line with a Jetties-esque clientele for a while… The burritos are pretty solid if a bit smaller than Chipotle.

    • amm

      I always enjoyed Boloco when I lived in Boston. Used to get the smoothies and buffalo chicken burrito a lot. Other than that, Chipotle is more delish.

  • Anonymous

    Too my rice and protein, not enough veggies. Not worth it.

    • Anonymous


  • Adequate. As others have noted, it’s more of a wrap place (shades of the 90s) than the overstuffed burritos we’re accustomed to.

    • anon

      it blows.

  • RozCat

    I wrote a pretty scathing review on Yelp and the senior executive wrote me back. If nothing else, that was pretty cool.

  • John

    Their burritos are about 90% rice, which makes a pretty bad burrito in my mind. Also, while they have a technically large menu, all the components are supposed to be interchangeable, so you’ll get the same chicken whether you order cajun, buffalo, or tikka masala. Rather, the difference comes in that you’ll get a dash of cajun seasoning, a squirt of buffalo sauce, or a dollop of curry.

  • Anonymous

    I really like their breakfast burritos. They use thick sliced bacon. Lunch is just ok.

    • Phil

      Agree with you on breakfast – the chorizo burrito is divine!


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