• Really love when stone is used well like this!

  • Irving Streete

    Once a legendary group house — the sight of a great deal of intellectual ferment and an exciting amount of early 80s debauchery. My friend had the master bedroom and on summer nights we’d sit on the balcony drinking enormous amounts of beer discussing foreign policy, economic theory, and the sex lives of the other residents. Unless there was a party. It had (has?) a kitchen the size of an efficiency apartment. Last time I was in — maybe 1992 — it was on the market for about $550 thousand. Definitely should have found a couple of roommates and snapped it up.

  • bb

    The stone on this one is beautiful. I wonder why it’s so rare in DC – I’ve only seen it on a precious few places.

    • Anonymous

      it’s rare because it’s very soft so it’s not practical and requires a lot of maintenance.

  • MK

    1832 16th. You can still find the virtual tour online somewhere. It sold for a little over $1.5 million in 2011 and it was some kind of gorgeous inside.


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