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Tree Falls on Cab and BMW in Foggy Bottom

by Prince Of Petworth April 24, 2013 at 7:20 pm 20 Comments


Thanks to a reader for sending from 23rd and I St, NW.

@DCPoliceDept tweeted around 7pm:

“The 800 – 900 blk of 23rd St NW remains CLOSED due to the Down Tree. MPD on scene. DDOT notified. Expect Delays”


Update: Thanks to @philliefan_99 for tweeting the following photo adding:

“There’s a BMW under there, too.”


  • Damn Ents and their moots.

  • That’s some serious root failure there. Not sure if more root space would have even prevented that.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently no one was injured. The car wasn’t as lucky by the looks of it.

  • Anonymous

    Merely a flesh-wound.

  • A shame…that’s a new, $100k BMW M5.

    • True, but we can probably go find another BMW pretty fast. Takes a long time to grow a tree that big.

  • ZetteZelle

    In my decade + of walking around DC, I’ve seen a car destroyed by a fallen tree roughly once a year. Now when I’m shopping for car insurance, I ask multiple times: “But am I covered if a tree falls on my car?”

  • What about the guy in VA last year who had his head crushed when a tree fell on his Mercedes…

  • Bub DC

    There’s also a white van that was damaged in there. Or am I just imagining that?

  • petwurf

    karma . . .

    • NoNoNo…

      …it’s Carma, not Karma! ; ^ )

  • A tree grows in Brooklyn and a tree falls in Foggy Bottom.

  • Glad no one was hurt, but I hate BMW owners and cab drivers. So I’d qualify this as a win.

    • Los


  • PiginaPoke

    I hope the BMW driver sues the sh!t out of that tree!

  • Park View Drew

    Came here to see how long it would take before someone scoffed at someone’s misfortune because they have money.

    Faith in humanity: still 0.

    • Anonymous

      It looks like someone took Mara’s defeat pretty hard.

      • Park View Drew

        Don’t know who that is and Google is no help. Given my outlook on the human race, I’ll assume I should be offended.

      • Park View Drew

        Ha! Just figured it out. Affluent, white guy in DC politics. Yes, that’s clever.


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