• I’ve seen this house so many times when running, would love to see the inside. As much as I’m opposed to super modern renovations, I actually love the way the upper deck extends out on the side.

  • Anons

    I love this house (and the landscaping/hardscape). I’ve always loved floor to ceiling glass and open concept. Walking by this place all the time at night, however, has made me appreciate the privacy that smaller windows/window coverings provide. The second floor resident is always playing first-person shooter games (Call of Duty? Halo?) or watching AppleTV on a gigantic +80″ TV.

    • It’s possible to get window covering for this type of house that fit the style.

  • I love it, but then I love modern.

  • manimal

    looks cold and sterile to me. 2 things i like- the balconies, and the wood on the protruding section of balcony.

  • Anonymous

    The white concrete portion of the building looks good, but the grey stone or cinder block in the lower left ruin it for me. Each level of the structure has a different look and feel but the top level is far more interesting than the first two floors.

    This house will look interesting for the next 10 years, but will become another example of “what were they thinking…”.

  • JustMe

    I toured this house years ago when it was for sale. It took “open concept” to a new level. There was absolutely no separation between the master bedroom and bath — seriously, no walls, no doors, nothing. The lack of walls throughout was beautiful but impossible to live with. If I remember correctly, the kitchen was connected to two “bedrooms”.

  • Admo

    It looks like a house you might find in Hermosa Beach. That is not a bad thing.

  • rosenrosen

    a four-story pop-up addition would really make this house a home.

    • manimal



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