Dog Found in Lincoln Park this morning – Update: Reunited with Owner!

by Prince Of Petworth April 26, 2013 at 1:45 pm 29 Comments

lost dog

Dear PoPville,

A neighbor found a very sweet, well-behaved, housebroken, neutered male pitbull in the middle of East Capitol St. at 14th St. early this morning. David James is walking around the neighborhood and parks to see if anyone recognizes the pup. He took him to the area vets this morning, but no one recognized him, and he is chipped, but it was never activated. The vet figured he was around a year old. David’s landlord is insisting that the dog be out of his apartment by the end of the day today. David’s contact info is 202-489-1107, and his email is DJLantz(at)me.com. I am emailing for him because he is continuing to wander the streets looking for the dog’s owners. Can you please post his picture to see if anyone recognizes, or is willing to take this guy in? He seems like a great dog.

I actually have an update from David as of a few minutes ago. He checked back in with the Humane Society, who said a man came in asking for a dog matching the pup’s description, The guy refused to leave his name or information, and the person at the shelter said they would have hesitated to turn the dog over, even if he had been there. So, David is now looking for someone who might be willing to adopt this good boy.

  • Anonymous

    i think David should turn him into the Humane Society, who has experience handling an adoptio

    • Anonymous

      Either turn him into the humane society, or reach out to a rescue group. There are a bunch in the area that specialize in getting pits into good homes. They might also be able to find a nice foster home for him until he gets adopted.

    • anonymous

      I’m not sure I would leave him at HSUS if the sketchy owner (?) comes back. While the staffer who talked to David might have refused to turn the dog over, another person may just give him right over to the guy- even though he won’t show ID or contact information. I really hope someone can just keep him for the weekend until one of the big groups can help out (i.e., Homeward Trails, Lucky Dog, etc…). I’d do it in a heartbeat, but I live in a no-dogs apartment (with two cats, no less!)… Fingers crossed and hoping he ends up in a good place.

      • When I lost my cat (in another city) the Human Society made me show ID, show proof of vaccination, and took all my info down before they would hand her over. I don’t think they’ll give the dog to just anyone. I also had to describe her in great detail including if she had a collar and what it looked like before I could even go and check if the found cat was mine. People at the Human Society care about animals.

        • anonymous

          That’s reassuring. If this is a dog fighting person trying to reclaim a stolen pitbull, he will most likely not want to share a drivers license, etc…

  • ReasonableSnob

    Or bring him to Wagtime down at 9th and M SE. They can probably arrange for adoption through Lucky Dog Animal Rescue and house him in the interim. I’d chip in to help board the pup if necessary.

  • Bear425

    I am dangerously close to volunteering to take him in…he looks just like my sister’s pit mix and she’s my favorite dog ever!

    • JB

      I wonder if you could volunteer to foster him!

      • Bear425

        I am actually kind of serious, and I really like pits. The issue I have right now is that I’m leaving for South Sudan in a week! Can’t really afford a dog sitter or boarding for 3 weeks. My travel schedule is the one thing that is getting in the way of me adopting a dog. I really really want to–have had dogs most of my life and I’ve really missed it over the last few years.

        • JB

          I’m right there with you. I’d love to have a dog, but I’m not in a position to have one now for multiple reasons. If you do pursue it, keep us updated!

        • csp

          You should look into fostering for one of the aforementioned rescue groups (Lucky Dog, Homeward Trails, etc.). So rewarding, and they will work around your travel schedule.

  • Anonymous

    seems as if the dog is trained and well behaved it should go back to its owner no matter what someones snap judgment of its owner may be.

    • unfortunately, with the prevalence of dog fighting in our fair city, i am afraid the humane society has experience with this sort of thing, and didn’t necessarily make a “snap judgment.” refusing to leave your name or phone number while ostensibly “trying to find your dog,” seems a little sketchy, no?

    • anonymous

      You’re assuming he owns him. The poor thing may have been stolen (hence, why the sketchy guy won’t give over contact info. If it was my dog, I’d be giving everyone my contact info, desperate to get him back). My greatest fear is that he was stolen for dog fighting purposes.

      • That is exactly what I think. “Sketchy” people don’t own well behaved/ trained dogs. He looks like someone’s baby. He was prolly stolen and was going to be used as a bait dog. It would be really nice if this dog could be returned to the original owner, but since the chip wasn’t activated it is going to be really hard to find them. Sad situation… He should reach out to a rescue group to find either the real owner or a new home for him.

        • Chalk

          This is exactly why I wait with dogs who are carelessly tied up outside of a store while their owner “pops in” for a quick whatever. So irresponsible to put your dog at risk like that.

          • Rebecca

            Thank you!!! I am always shocked at the number of dogs I see tied up outside Starbucks or wherever, owners nowhere in sight. I understand it’s easy to think that you’ll just be inside for a few minutes, and your dog will be fine (and odds are, it will) but why take that chance? Would you leave your bike outside without putting a lock on it?

    • Anonymous


      Yes, we think the owner is sketchy, lets keep his property. SMH

  • Anonymous

    wow! bait dog? Sketchy? assuming he owns him? you are correct, most likely someone baby. But who’s to say that some guy who no one here has meet is “sketchy” because he did not leave his number? maybe he does not have papers for the dog and would rather have taken his chances finding the dog on his own instead of fines for not getting shots or something like that. Maybe he is for some reason just not comfortable with leaving his number. but possible bait dog? not jumping why out there on assumptions?

    I guess I assumed he owned as much as you assume he does not

    the point is that no one should be looking at adopting this dog or putting him up for adoption only hours after he was found.

    • anon

      If this were a dearly loved pet, the owner would be willing to provide his name and number, fines or no fines.

      I think some of y’all are way too willing to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Giving people the benefit of the doubt is appropriate in some situations, but not in a situation where a helpless animal’s welfare is at stake.

    • Kathryn-DC

      When a beloved dog goes missing, and the owner puts up pictures of that dog, it isn’t hard to memorize what the dog looks like and pretend to be the owner. This is why the Humane Society asks a lot of good questions of anyone claiming to be a dog’s owner.

    • Anonymous

      Whether or not this person wanted to use the missing dog as a bait dog…who knows, it’s just speculation. But you don’t have to meet someone in person to interpret their described behavior–in this case, refusing to give a name or contact information–as sketchy. First of all, how bad can the fines be for not having papers or vaccinations in order for your dog? Second, as someone else pointed out, if this was your dear pet that you were desperate to find, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to make sure that any individual/organization who might come into contact with your dog could get in touch with you? And there are plenty of possibilities besides bait dog–maybe the dog was stolen by someone who just liked the dog for themselves or as a gift to a kid, girlfriend, etc. Not sure how often this happens in DC, but in my previous city, it also occasionally happened that thieves/scammers tried to extract reward money from desperate pet owners (sometimes they’d actually stolen the dog, sometimes they just called the phone numbers on “lost dog” posters and pretented they had the dog).

  • acs

    There’s a missing dog sign at the S Street dog park. I think this might be that dog, but I can’t remember exactly what the dog in that poster looks like so I’m not sure. He may want to swing by there and check out the poster.

    • Anonymous

      Who does that! some very vivid imaginations around here. first the dog is bait now there is a guy looking for random dogs

  • Anonymous

    He should contact City Dogs Rescue! http://www.citydogsrescuedc.org/

  • LeDroit

    Geesh – take him to the Humane Society. People are so often hesitatant to do this, but hello: the people who run the Humane Society are professionals – they’re not going to just hand out the dog to someone, nor are they just going to put it down (until every effort for finding the owner and adoption has been made). I have found several stray dogs in the past seven years I’ve lived here. Each time, I have taken the dog to the Humane Society and left MY contact information, indicating that I was willing to foster the dog IF the owner couldn’t be found (you don’t have to do this, but I have been in a situation where I could). Each time, I have been called within a few days to be told that they owner was found. They are a good resource, and part of their mission is to be a clearinghouse for lost animals: nobody expects someone to walk around the city all day looking for an owner himself. This is a wildly inefficient, and probably ineffective, way to reunite a dog and its owner, or to find a new home for the dog.

  • annnalovespink

    PoP or OP, the title now says that the owner was reunited with this dog. Are there any details? Is the owner the same guy who refused to leave his contact info at the Humane Society? Just wondering…

    • Prince Of Petworth

      From the OP:

      “I just wanted to thank everyone for their help with find the owner and or a new Home. After speaking to the humane society again the owner came back and was more reasonable he picked up the the little guy this morning and the dog was extremely happy to see him.”

      • anonymous

        Thanks, PoP! This is a good ending. Glad to hear it!


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