Dear PoPville – Jack’s Boathouse Gone for Good?

by Prince Of Petworth April 10, 2013 at 2:30 pm 15 Comments

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Dear PoPville,

With the recent legal decisions around Jack’s Boathouse, have you heard if they will be relocating or if there is a way to get refunds for gift certificates there? Their website is now down and their phone number is disconnected. I got a large gift certificate I wasn’t able to use last year and hate the thought of wasting the gift.

Georgetowner reported:

“NPS awarded B&G Outdoor Recreation of Boston the contract to operate on the site of Jack’s Boathouse.”

Maybe they’ll be able to honor some or part of your gift?

  • Anonymous

    Wait, I totally missed this! Seriously, Jack’s is gone?! Nooooooooooo!!!! It was one of my favorite summer activities in DC!


  • Anonymous

    It’s disappointing that an out-of-town vendor will be operating here.

    • That Man A


    • TooBad

      Jack’s had a good run, but then they took the odd advice to not participate in the new bidding process, and to rely on the courts to reinstate them. Since the court did not do that, Jack is out and the Boston firm is in. The Boston company seems reliable and reputable, and more to the point, should not be blamed for Jack’s situation, which they did not cause.
      (No, I have no connection with either firm.)

  • Oh, no. This awful, simply awful.

  • Long time Jack’s Fan

    Yeah, it’s really devastating. You can get more info, and see if there are any last ditch efforts to save it. The last I heard – early March – they were pursuing legal action against NPS. They have the FB page: Save Jack’s Boathouse from Closure.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      There is no saving it – the owner wishes the B&G group luck.

    • Bob

      The lawsuit was dismissed before trial because they had literally no legal standing since they didn’t even try to place a bid during the open bid process.

    • Bob

      Also, I’m not really sad to see them go. They had an opportunity to bid to keep open, and did nothing at all other than whine. And were getting a sub sub sub market rent on the place, something like $500 per month. Also, the new vendor, B&G, is hiring all of the Jack’s employees anyway.

  • manimal

    sad to see jacks gone.
    i would love a place like this on the anacostia.

    • Anonymous

      How is the cleanup of the Anacostia proceeding? Is it clean enough now that if you capsize, you won’t have to go to the emergency room and get a bunch of shots?

  • I hope the new operator keeps the deck and grills – a great DC institution.

    • Word. Who gave them the advice not to bid?

      • Probably a very cheap & crappy lawyer. I hope Jack’s left their attorney a terrible Yelp review.

        • s3

          Jack’s was a cash cow and was poorly run behind the scenes. Good vibe, but mismanaged for years. When Jack’s son, Frank, died a couple of years back, ownership transferred to the unrelated pair who had partnered with him. One moved away in the past few months, and the other was left to run it himself. Ego lost the boathouse. Not saying they got a fair shake, don’t know the details of the bidding process. But this does no surprise me in the least.


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