• 3 is the max. Ridiculous that someone would pay a dog walker/day care to walk their dog with that many at once. Dangerous for dogs and people.

    • “Dangerous for dogs and people.”

      Yes, they clearly look to be completely out of control. You seem to know a lot about dogs.

      This is exactly the kind of activity that socializes dogs so they aren’t aggressive towards other dogs. And as far as “dangerous for people,” I assume you’re the same type of person that crosses the street when I’m walking towards them with my dog, because he has that killer instinct to attack every person walking towards him. Or, as is reality, he ignores you and pays attention to some smell that seems fascinating.

      • Anonymous

        Just feel the need to respond. I cross the street nearly every time I see another dog coming. Your dog might be wonderful, but my dog’s been attacked multiple times so he’s got quite a bit of dog anxiety/defensiveness/aggression and also I have no idea what someone else’s dog is going to be like from a distance.

        Please don’t judge other people who are doing their best with dog safety and ensuring everyone enjoys their walk.

        • Anonymous


      • Nate

        @mtn1414 AMEN !! Cheers to RESPONSIBLE dog owners that know how to own (and walk) dogs responsibly. Training and attention to details go a long way when owning a dog.

    • Anonymous

      I think you are freaking out a little bit. Every dog walker I see in in NYC has 2x as many dogs. ‘Cause, y’know, the dog walkers are SO much better in NYC.

      Joking aside, I’m pretty sure the dog walker and dogs all survived this walk.

  • Anonymous

    Either these guys are professional dog walkers, or they have a really big yard.

  • Dogs are social animals. This is extremely common in other cities (Buenos Aires comes to mind).

    • Adam S

      And in BsAs, the dogs are typically MUCH bigger (i.e. Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Great Danes) — you rarely see too many small dogs there. Definitely professional dog walkers – I see them around 4th and Mass all the time.

      • Anonymous

        Lol. Saw somebody in buenos aires walking more dogs than this with one hand – and smoking a cigarette with the other. It was classic.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s fine as long as the dogs are under control and being picked up after (though I can’t imagine how they manage to do that; they must be carrying gigantic poop bags!).

  • meo

    I used to be a dog walker on Capitol Hill for a company that capped group walks at four dogs which, depending on the dogs’ personalities could be a real handful.

    We were also all insured and bonded to protect both the walker and others on the street. Hopefully, these walkers have that as well.

  • I’m not a dog walker but it seems pretty hard to pick up after dogs when you have so many. Hard to figure out how each dog will get to separate him/herself to even pee.

  • DBDC

    I used to feel the same way about walks like this, but not since I adopted a high-energy dog. This man is my dog walker, and he’s amazing. The dogs go for much longer walks than other dog walkers provide, and the dogs are well-socialized. He does behavior training as well and would not walk dogs together unless they could all get along.

    • Agreed! I trust three people in the world to take care of my dog – my dad, my sister, and Danny (the dog walker pictured). He is amazing with my dog – who has a very strong personality – and is very, very dependable.

  • Anonymous

    Those dogs look so chill and enjoying their relaxing stroll around the neighborhood. I love it.

  • Ashley of The Pack Dogwalkers

    I’m the girl in this picture. The two of us walk 10-24 dogs Monday through Friday. We both wear tool belts with and each hold 5-12 dogs by strapping them to hammer holders. The question we get most daily is “how do they all get along?”. I’ve never understood this question because dogs, by nature, are pack animals. It’s actually more confusing for your dog to live in a high rise apartment with a couple than to travel with a pack of dogs. People also constantly ask how we get them to behave so well. My partner Danny used to respond, “we train them.” Yesterday I pointed out that it’s not so much that we train them, but that we free them from a dysfunctional state. Most owners do not establish clear power dynamics leaving their dog to take the role of the alpha. This leads to aggressive and anxious dogs. If you still have doubts about pack walks, check out Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer.
    And of course we pick up their poop! Just think what it would be like if for even 1 month we neglected to pick up their waste. We take the same walk down k st, through 1 st next to union station, then back to Chinatown. The buildup on the sidewalks would be insane. Not to mention is incredibly rude and lazy not to pick it up. Danny and I probably go through a whole roll of doggie bags every two days.

  • qrs

    Danny, pictured here, walks my dog, too! She is a high energy pit bull and while a sweetheart, is a handleful on the leash. There is one person in the world that she walks behind and listens to. That’s Danny. She learned all hersocial and walking skills through these walks! These pack walks are her favorite and if I can have her go on it 3 times a day, I would! Its great to see them in action here!

  • Anon

    It’s nice to see skilled walkers in DC that actually get your pup some exercise. I’ve gone through two agencies and one independent walker for scamming on walk times and not showing up at all.

  • Nate

    Pack walking is AWESOME and dogs LOVE it. Everytime I pass them the dogs are so well behaved, paid attention to, and lovin’ life.
    You think a dog walked singularly, being ignored by an owner on their cell phone is a better option for the dog? Then you, and that owner walking their dog while on their cell phone have no business with a dog.
    Instead of passing judgement via a picture, educate yourself on pets, dogs, packs, and such. Thumbs WAY up to all pack dog walkers.


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