Changes at Rendezvous Lounge in Adams Morgan – Upstairs becomes Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar, Downstairs becomes DC Tiki

by Prince Of Petworth April 5, 2013 at 12:30 pm 20 Comments

2226 18th Street, NW

Back in April ’12 Mig bar closed on the second floor of Rendezvous Lounge in Adams Morgan. An update on the space:

Strange Rumblings from Rendezvous Lounge (DC Tiki/ / /Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar)

DOWNSTAIRS: Out with Mr. Marley and in with Mr. Presley: it’s DC Tiki w/ Vlad, every Friday and Saturday night…18th Street’s only home for heavily-accessorized, lovingly-crafted sugar bombs served in bizarre vessels and accompanied by loud Rockabilly, Punk, Surf Rock, and whatever else infiltrates Vlad’s i-Tunes. There will be umbrellas. Little ones. And Saturday the 6th the joint goes Big Top with Jon “the Fireman” Schott at the helm. Jon breathes fire. Often. Also two bucks off the Tiki drinks till ten, as well as specials on Natty Boh and rail drinks. In short, good, cheap, if not flammable, fun…

UPSTAIRS: If you ever wanted to pretend you’re in an episode of Twin Peaks but you’re too lazy to learn how to talk backwards, this is your very own cozy corner of the universe: Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar, home of the “Snakeskin Jacket” (Fireball whiskey, Kubler Absinthe, ginger beer, OJ)….Loud New Wave, Britpop, Elsewhere Blues and Rock; regular screenings of Lynch flicks, B-Movies, Film Noir, MST3K; *tasty dance parties* on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, with a host of regular DJs and a fierce little sound system. Pick and choose from an arsenal of craft bubblys or submerge yourself in quantity swill. Or try a “Needle Trax” (Bluecoat gin, Kubler absinthe, orange bitters, soda)….Dress code goes something like the Warriors meets the Fifth Element. Open 7 days a week at 6pm. Come play, friends…

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, I love a good tiki bar.

  • ummm…what? Who’s in charge of their marketing? I can’t imagine either of these places really appealing to a big enough market to cover their rent/operating costs.

    • Idaho Ave

      Ummm…speak for yourself. I think your a little uninformed on the fan base of rockabilly, punk etc and places like the downstairs. My first thought was “Wow…this sounds awesome, finally DC has something for folks from richmond and baltimore, bummer its in AdMo though”

      • D

        There are a few places on 18th street you can go to to avoid the ridiculous weekend crowds. This can be one of them.

        • Anonymous

          ha ha ha no doubt

        • Anonymous

          What others do you recommend?

      • Dno

        As an AdMo resident who admittedly spends most Friday and Saturday nights elsewhere, I gotta say I’m pleased with the new places that have opened in the past 3 years (after the barfy nadir was reached in 2010). As a bonus, the neighborhood has retained a funky vibe that is lacking on 14th St and in other hoods.

        • Anonymous

          is this david foster wallace?

      • I’ll let the market see for itself after 6 months and if they’re still around. But if you think there’s enough of a rockabilly crowd that can sustain this place on a regular basis and keep it thriving then great.

  • Anyone know if anything is happening with MiG Bar? I know they were looking to reopen in another location after it closed, but I haven’t heard anything on that front for a while.

  • amethystdeceiver

    fond memories of going to Rendezvous while still in high school…

    this sounds kinda awesome though.

  • jm

    Nowhere Bar upstairs is run by Van from MiG, it’s basically exactly the same as it used to be (which is great)

  • MiG minus Soviet references plus accepting credit cards equals Nowhere Bar. Van throws a great party and this is a great alternative to further up the hill.

  • MST3K you say? I’m in.

  • W

    I have been waiting to see this on PoPville since I learned the tear-rendering news that MiG was closing. Dr. Clock’s is not to be missed.

  • The Real Jason

    These sound like the only tolerable options on AdMo now that Asylum and Toledo are gone.

  • Anonymous

    This place is either going to be really awesome, or really awful. I’m looking forward to giving it a shot, though.

  • nativelocal

    Went upstairs a couple weeks ago not realizing MiG was gone. Nowhere Bar ended up being one of the best nights in the ‘hood in a long time. Crazy people, Vlad, kicking DJs, strong drinks, and very (happily) un-DC. Will be back.

  • jenster8dc

    Very psyched about this, and hurray for Vlad!

  • James

    I much preferred viewing inexplicable stock footage of industrial machinery at MiG Bar, but I suppose Lynch’s “Eraserhead” being projected onto the wall will be just as unsettling.


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