MiG Bar Closing April 30th in Adams Morgan Hopes to Relocate

by Prince Of Petworth April 10, 2012 at 10:30 am 20 Comments

In June 2011 MiG Bar opened above Rendezvous Lounge at 2226 18th St, NW in Adams Morgan. I had been hearing rumblings that they’ll be closing in their current space and I just received a confirmation this morning:

Ahoy, friends. We will be closing our doors April 30th at our current location with aspirations of reopening elsewhere by the latter part of the year. Thanks to all for what has been nothing short of a maelstrom of support, and we encourage you with due zeal to swing on through and get soaked with us before we dangle.

As for right now, Mr. MiG’s feeling particularly trigger-happy so pop in tonight (Tuesday) for $4 Moscow Mules and $3 cans of “quantity beer” from 6pm ‘til close (or until someone tosses a cat in the moon jump)… Until then, compadres.

Stay tuned for word on their new location.

  • SF

    Bring it to H. There seems to be no end to the thirst over here.

  • Anonymous


  • MD


  • A great bar with great staff. I wish them the best of luck in finding a new location.

  • J

    Alas! I heard really good things about this place and always wanted to check it out (but I’m rarely in Adams Morgan). Any idea what happened?

  • Doug

    This place had a little stage and was very welcoming to local musicians. I appreciated this and also thought their bar service was excellent. I’d love to see them move to Petworth, and wish them success wherever they move. Too bad the streetscape business gummed things up so much in Adams Morgan.

  • Are they closing because of the impact of streetscape work? Their sidewalk was finished months and months ago…

  • six foot seven foot

    The only true oasis in Adams Morgan where one could peacefully find a bar stool and great company/beverages on any night of the week (at least until the post write up). I love this place and everything they stand for and hate to see it go. I assume it has more to do with the Rendezvous Lounge than it does with the streetscape work. I hope they can find a new home in the neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, that’s also the reason why they’re leaving. Almost nobody knew they existed.

  • neednewhob

    This is awful. This is essentially the only bar I really liked in my hood. Another one, soon to be gone.

  • M

    Another vote for Bloomingdale! I love MiG and would be there all the time if it were closer to home.

  • CW

    I have lived in DC for four years now and this was the first watering hole that I ever wanted to be considered a regular at. The staff was excelsior and the atmosphere was rarely genuine. It will be extremely missed. I will do my utmost to seek it out after its re-emergence.

  • Dave

    I adore MiG. It was a miracle that such a bar existed in AdMo, and I knew it was too good to last. H Street or Bloomingdale would make sense, but I’m going to put in a vote for Georgia Ave or Columbia Heights. I know the owner, and I think he’d feel right at home here.

  • Anonymous

    Another vote for Bdale!

  • Mary

    Sad to see this place go, but The Blaguard is another great Adams Morgan bar! City Paper just voted it as the best neighborhood bar…

  • Jay Z

    Damn shame…this was one cool bar. Great owners, I’m sure they’ll pop up elsewhere.

  • Drinky Crow

    Community poolage – let’s kickstart this mother-beast.

  • PJC

    Yeesh, first Asylum completely changes up, now MiG is closing. I officially have no reason to go to Adams Morgan anymore.

    This was a rare kind of bar. Great music, friendly staff, good drinks, good company. I really hope they find a new locale. MiG will be missed.

  • BowfromWow

    A 2nd floor location is a high hurdle for visibility.

  • Dee

    Columbia Heights – near the Derby! Start an economies of scale of rad bars on that block!


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