Blue Banana Closes on Georgia Ave near Petworth Metro

by Prince Of Petworth April 16, 2013 at 10:30 am 28 Comments

3632 Georgia Ave, NW

Blue Banana sports bar turned rock club opened up back in Dec. 2010. Thanks to all who sent word about their closing. I hear that a new management team is being brought in and they plan on reopening with a new concept. I also hear the patio will be expanded and a roof deck could be added. It is not clear how long renovations will take but I’ll be sure to update as more info becomes available.

It seems naming a sports bar, Blue Banana, from the film Pretty Woman wasn’t the best idea after all…

Looking forward to learning more about the new concept – and very excited about the potential for an expanded outdoor patio and roof deck!


  • Anonymous

    Man oh man that place blew. Hope something halfway decent comes back…

    • I was hoping to see the place on an episode of Bar Rescue… LOL.

  • “Kit, his bathroom is bigger than the Blue Banana!”

  • AMDCer

    Too bad if they change the name because that metal signage is pretty cool. Maybe they can stick with the 80’s theme and change it to Bananarama?

  • I will never forget the night we came in and were watching the Caps Penguins game on a Thursday. The entire bar was watching the game, but they turned the sound off, and let the crappy band start warming up. Stayed for the rest of the game, but was super annoyed. Haven’t been back since, and just go to DC Reynolds instead.

    Also the stools were incredibly uncomfortable. Here is hoping the next concept is better.

  • Park View Pirate

    Well, glad they recognized it wasn’t working and cut their losses. Really excited it will be coming back and improved. No food definitely hurt them so hopefully that will change and a roof deck will add a nice dynamic.

    The building a few doors down has been gutted for sometime now with rumors of a cigar bar but that hasn’t moved for a year. Also on the same block, the owners of Lion’s are still looking at opening a restaurant in the back!

  • Matt

    I will never forget the time I never went there.

  • Anonymous

    different crowd would frequent this place…nahmean? As long as they make it all happy and pasty it should work out.

  • Anonymous

    I went there a couple of times and really tried to like it. Then I headed over for the women’s world cup final and it was closed. I decided I’d never again go to a sports bar that didn’t show that game. The (then- existing) bars on 11th street were all open and packed.

  • JD

    Their food options consisted of microwaved mozzarella sticks or pizza you brought in from Manny and Olga’s. So, yeah, I think this place really needs a full kitchen if they want to be able to compete with DC Reynolds or Looking Glass.

    At DC Reynolds back deck over the weekend, I noticed some construction on the second story of the building to the left/south of DC Reynolds. Any insights on that?

    • I don’t get this. A full kitchen to me is a restaurant. To me bars don’t have food except maybe some chips, maybe. I find it so bizarre that DC bars have full kitchens. I go to bars to drink and hang out, maybe dance. I go to restaurants to eat, the food’s better.

  • Too bad about the closing, but I’m looking forward to the reopening with a new concept.

    I’m hoping that the new concept will ditch the sports-bar aspect; I never made it to the Blue Banana because I have zero interest in sports.

  • Dave

    When your bar is between Looking Glass and DC Reynolds and offers zero advantages over either, it’s only a matter of time.

  • Wow! A Cigar bar in my hood would be very cool!

    Sad to see BB go, but it did need major business fixes… The bands were totally not suited for there, some of them were great but more of them were unprofessional and way too loud for that small space. DJs would be good there even if they spun rock music on CD players instead of bands. The place was too small for bands on a regular basis, and any band that would be good enough to bring a crowd would over pack the place.

    I agree, the seating was VERY uncomfortable, and any supermarket had better food in their frozen section. A roof deck would be very cool, and getting rid of the guys that always hung out out front of the place could help too.

  • LT

    Eh. Too bad. But it did kind of suck. We only went once, and the bartender and the couple of “regulars” at the bar were entirely unfriendly so we never returned. It also just looked “unfinished.”

  • i never made it there, possibly b/c the name made me think it was a gay bar. whoops.

    • Farnsworth

      They really hated that being pointed out to them.

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad, I guess, but they really had one of the strangest concepts possible. Nothing really quite worked. And, when you’re surrounded by DC Reynolds and Looking Glass, who both pull off the neighborhood hangout thing really, really well, you’re have to do something right. They didn’t do anything right.

    Nice folks, though. Wish them the best.

  • aaa

    The managers really need to look at Dc Reynolds and Looking Glass and ask: “what can we offer that neither of those places do”

  • Anonymous

    Went to that place a few times and really hoped it would make it. I like a good place to watch caps and soccer matches, but the ‘manager’ wasn’t open to suggestions…should have heard!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely too bad to see them go as the owner and employees were super friendly. It was nice to have a little more space inside than DC Reynolds to catch a game, and I liked the Thursday night half off all beers deal. In my opinion, though, the idea of a sports and rock lounge was destined to fail. Doing one of those 3 concepts correctly is tough (sports or rock or a lounge). Trying to do all 3 was never going to work. I hope that the new management goes with one and sticks with it.

  • Anonymous

    Horrible bar,

    They claimed to be a sports bar, but had standing up during the NBA Finals??
    …… It sucked.

  • Anonymous

    I actually think just opening as a straight sports bar would be a decent idea, since neither DC Reynolds nor Looking Glass is great for Sundays during football season.

    The hybrid “there’s sports until a random time then the weird ass music videos/band starts” thing was a terrible idea.

  • couldn’t get into this place. I liked it better when you could just bring in food from other places. They just had a deep fryer. I think the lack of a kitchen hurt them the most. Never really dug this place just went to other places to watch football despite how close that place was to me.

  • Anonymous

    I’m yet another nearby resident who never went in. As others have said, Looking Glass and DCReynolds left me wanting for very little.

    In fact, DCReyonds has monopolized my bar time. I’m a little sad about that, because I’ve always loved Looking Glass, but I straight up can’t afford to drink anywhere else. A happy hour beer at LG is literally twice as expensive as a happy hour beer at DCR.

  • Boom

    I knew it was only a matter of time. I tried to like this place and probably promoted it more than the actual owner (even when they had top shelf happy hr for $4 this place was dead) but I really had no use for it after they decided it made sense to play Game 4 of the NBA Finals on side tvs and music videos on the main ones (and giving the music videos sound). Hopefully the new management is competent enough to capitalize on this budding location.

  • Turns out there isn’t always money in the banana stand…

    • Anonymous

      i blue myself.


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