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  • Anonymous

    Its a real shame they didn’t keep the original facade

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to have to assume that this was sarcasm.

      • Anonymous

        In case you weren’t aware, Meridian Pint is theoretically in the original grocery store building. They didn’t tear it down, they simply gutted it and built around it.

        • anonymoe

          you can also see how they kept the same openings and bay windows.

          there wasn’t much to save.

  • Fz

    What’s above Meridian Pint? Has anything opened on their second floor?

  • Boom

    This gives me hope for Kennedy St. (specifically North Capitol to 5th street). Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Larchie

      That would be awesome, but are there any plans for anything in that area?

  • Wow – where did we ever go before MP??? Love it! Though please bring back the trout!!!

    • jdc

      Agreed– the whole trout on the menu was awesome!

      • Jeremy

        I LOVED the trout – with the sage and bacon. Mmmmm!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I agree that their food has taken a real nosedive recently. It’s the awesome beer list that keeps me coming back, though.

      • ctk

        I haven’t had that experience. Still love the grub (and of course the beer).

      • JB

        MP’s food is as awesome as it ever was. Quit talking nonsense.

  • NoLongerNew2CH

    Ahh, my lovely view for four years …

  • Anonymous

    We looked at a pretty nice apartment across the street, but the overwhelming shadiness of the area moved us further west… Different story now!

  • I just posted a couple of photos I took of this building in 2007 to the PoPville Flickr pool. FYI, the old neon liquor sign from the corner store entrance now hangs above the bar at Wonderland.

  • Anonymous

    Now if MP would remove those Christmas lights from the building. Very tacky.


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