For Folks Interested in the Morrison Clark Hotel Expansion at 1015 L Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth April 29, 2013 at 1:30 pm 17 Comments


Dear PoPville,

There were be a meeting tomorrow about the new hotel expansion of the Morrison Clark. The project is currently underway with amended changes from the original plans last seen in 2008. The developers and architects will be discussing these changes and the construction schedule. All neighbors are invited to attend and ask questions. The project will combine three historic properties and has had a shaky beginning. The carriage house in the rear suffered an unexpected roof collapse.

Morrison Meeting

Tuesday 30 April 5:30 – Morrison Clark Hotel, 1015 L Street (enter on 11th St)

Presentation on the construction/renovation/expansion of the Morrison Clark.
This project is approved and has completed all reviews required by the City, HPRB and ANC.
As we have not seen the plans since they came through the neighborhood/ANC in 2008 the developers agreed to convene a meeting to present the final plans for all to understand. They will bring a model of the new building and will be able to walk all through what to expect during the coming months as construction continues. Please come with any and all questions about the new development and construction.

Present will be: RP Properties, Forrester Construction, the Architect, and Morrison Clark General Manager



  • John B.

    Has anybody ever actually eaten here? It’s one of my favorite buildings in DC and I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, but reviews seem mysteriously absent and I never, ever hear anybody talking about it.

    • JJ

      I did an event here once and the food was quite good.

    • Anonymous

      The food is quite good. I ate lunch there once a few years ago. It’s Southern comfort food so it’s pretty heavy, but tasty.

    • OMG, are people actually praising the food here? It is like cuisine at a retirement home. Mushy, flavorless, boring, heavy. The whole vibe is like that.

      Are they seriously tearing down whatever that cool, historic-looking Asian-themed building next door to expand this oppressively dull, heavily carpeted and draped dull, musty Victorian monstrosity?? Why? Why wasn’t that cool building next door protected?

  • It’s a hotel.

    • It’s a hotel that houses a restaurant.

      • John B.

        Hence the “Historic Inn and Restaurant” sign.

  • Pcat

    It was once an excellent restaurant, but according to friends who stayed there in February, it’s gone downhill over the last few years. Maybe the expansion and the proximity to the convention center will result in improvement.

  • Kathy Markus

    Haven’t been there in a while. I can’t get our stroller up the steep front steps. But I used to spend a lot of time drinking their french press coffee and eating their banana creme pie on the porch.

  • Is this one of these meetings where annoying NIMBYs come out of the woodwork to scream bloody murder about how the character of the neighborhood is being decimated, or just an informational update?

  • annonny

    Anybody know the history of that cool quasi-chinese temple building in the photos? I’ve never noticed it before, but it looks like some kind of orientalist fantasy for an Elks Club or something. Nice facade.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I thought I heard it used to be a church.

  • Anonymous

    the building is charming and the restaurant has a lot of potential. sadly it serves ho-hum food in a dated atmosphere. It’s stuffy in a not-so-elegant way with tacky victorian decor.

  • Anonymous

    It was the Chinese Community Church, which has moved to a larger location on 5th and I. The congregation started at the Mount Vernon Methodist Church at the turn of the century and has always been important for new immigrants coming to the district. I think construction of the building only dates from the 50s.

  • Logan res

    Morrison Clark is probably one of the best neighbors you could ask for. They are meticulous with their property and landscaping. They are not tearing anything historic of the old Chinese Community Church down. They are preserving it and adding on in the rear. This renovation could have been completed years ago if it were not for the NIMBY next door who thought that this project was “just a little too much” for the neighborhood. They tried to stop this because they don’t want more people or cars near their building. They delayed it but thankfully the project is moving forward.

    • Anonymous

      There was a suit lodged against the BZA for further review of the variances and set back of the project. The democratic process took a year. To my knowledge it didn’t have anything to do with cars or people. It’s downtown, right off Mass Ave. I’m not sure why it took three more years to get going – the economy, timing for the business.

  • Lisa

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