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New Walgreens Flagship Store Opens in Chinatown Thurs. 9am

by Prince Of Petworth March 20, 2013 at 10:05 pm 16 Comments

7th and H Street, NW

From a press release:

Walgreens will officially open the doors to its newest Well Experience flagship store on Thursday, March 21. A ribbon cutting ceremony will commence the grand opening at 9 a.m.

Exclusive experience and preview of the flagship location:

Ceremonial ribbon cutting with Walgreens executives and local officials.

Pharmacy and Take Care Clinic: Insights into a new approach to community pharmacy.

LOOK Boutique: Showcasing upscale and premium beauty products and services.

Fresh/Up Market: Preview Walgreens approach to healthy, convenient and high-quality food offerings such as fro-yo and smoothies.

Walgreens and Bausch + Lomb recently announced the SightSense™ online and in-store patient education program – an initiative to heighten eye health awareness and encourage consumers to take proactive steps to protect and preserve their sight.


  • A “flagship” Walgreens = just another Walgreens.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty much the same as the flagship Duane Reade store in NYC: http://dr40wallstreet.com/

  • Anon


    1) This is not just another Walgreens. It’s based on the one in Chicago (and also the DR 40 Wall Street store since DR = Walgreens): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/06/upscale-walgreens-chicago_n_2253432.html

    2) Besides, Walgreens >> CVS and Rite Aid. I wish they were everywhere unlike CVS.

  • This so sorely needed in Chinatown/Gallery Place. There are 0 convenience type stores there for blocks and blocks. its’ the one place in the city I can think of that doesn’t have a CVS on every other corner and I’d say it’s one of the more populated areas. I don’t really get it.

    • amm


    • The current Walgreen’s space used to be a CVS.

      So the Walgreen’s opening is restoring the previous balance. :)

      • jenster8dc

        That CVS was a total sh*thole. Let’s hope this Walgreens follows the example of the ones in CP and VN — those are actually pretty nice stores.

    • C

      Well, you can get a lot of the stuff you can get at Walgreens at the Bed Bath & Beyond in Chinatown, but I agree – a quick run-in place has long been needed.

  • Anonymous

    Walgreen’s sells giant chewy sweet tarts!

    • Anonymous

      I share your enthusiasm for giant chewy sweet tarts. Also, chewy spree.

  • dc dude

    Do you have any updated photos? Would love to see the inside.

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy CVS is finally facing some competition. Feel free to open a Walgreen’s in Columbia Heights! CVS is a disaster.

  • Oh wow. Didn’t realize it was a walgreens going in there. So glad this abandoned building has been cleaned up!

  • Anonymous

    it’s about time. so what’s going in upstairs? whats taking the building behind it so long to be built? Walgreens is trying desperately to open stores in DC but there is simply not enough space available especially since they prefer corner locations. It is so much better than CVS which we unfortunately have too many locations of. The van ness walgreens. so this makes 4 Walgreens in DC compared to what? 400 CVS’s in DC?

    • PCC

      Walgreens is probably taking the second floor. Having been to two of the new “flagship” locations in Chicago, the presentation is superb and it’s mighty convenient to have fro-yo, salads, supermarket sushi, above-average pastries, espresso drinks, etc. available 24/7. Right now, it’s a good 3 blocks from this, the busiest corner in town, to either a CVS or a Safeway.

      The former Duane Reade team took a lot of design cues from Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, Sephora, and other competitors that actually think about merchandising rather than just shoving things onto linear shelves. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

      • PCC

        I’ll also add that I lived a block from one of the flagship sites when it was announced, and the neighbors got super cynical about Walgreens — I refused to talk about it, because the ostentatious eye-rolling and sighs got so out of hand. (It’s Walgreens’ hometown, so they’re ubiquitous.) Since it opened, even my snobby locavore architect friends have said it’s “not bad.”


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