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Ralph Lauren’s Rugby and Cafe Closes in Georgetown

by Prince Of Petworth — February 11, 2013 at 10:22 pm 25 Comments

1065 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Another prime retail space in Georgetown now vacant. Rugby was located at 1065 Wisconsin Ave, NW. In December 2012 we learned that Frye Boots would be moving in across the street into the former Papa Razzi restaurant space at 1064-1066 Wisconsin Avenue, NW.

  • Greg

    The entire chain closed down… I believe another Ralph Lauren concept is opening there.

    • Caleb

      Yeah, the brand was phased out nationally…one Abercrombie brand is enough IMO.

      I liked the cafe, maybe we’ll get a RL Resturant. The one in Chicago is so good.

      • Anonymous

        blasphemy….. Rugby was infinitely better than Abercrombie….

        • Caleb

          Totally agree…but most of the kids I guess didn’t. Ralph was too late to the game to have any impact.

          • Anonymous

            agreed. and it was pricey.

  • AC

    RIP Georgetown!

    • Anonymous

      LOL funny.

    • 1980s

      Agreed. Georgetown is destined to be a never ending revolving door of big name brand stores and bad chain restaurant and honestly not even good restaurants. Honestly we are 2 or three decades past the primetime of Gtown… RiP

  • Actual Rugby Player

    Good. Hey Ralph – stop stealing sport names and trying to own them.

    • Anonymous

      he stole an entire lifestyle and owns it…. rock it, Ralph. get your aristocracy on!

  • Los

    We only acquired one item from there in all of the eight years they were open. For the most part the clothes looked very used like nothing any of my ivy league preppie colleagues would wear.


  • Anonymous

    There was a Cafe?

    • Anonymous

      I had the same reaction. I just thought it was a Ralph Lauren store of some sort. I had no idea that it was also a restaurant. Maybe the lack of promotion is why they failed.

      • Ironically, I think the cafe was the first of its kind nationwide (as in, attached to a Rugby store).

      • Anonymous

        it didn’t “fail”…. Ralph Lauren cut the line. put Houston’s back there where it belongs

        • Jim Lovell

          Even Hillstone (the owners of Houston’s) could foresee the problems of maintaing the outrageously priced space to a fickle clientele. thats why they High tailed it to Bethesda same benefits with less riff raff.

  • Oh no! Where am I going to get my pink shirts, plaid shorts, and sweater vests now?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that place was ridiculously douchy. But I’ll admit, some of their winter stuff was excellent quality. I have a wool blazer from Rugby that I bought (at a huge discount) and it has saved me on many cold winter evenings. You just had to know how to steer past all the plaid and ridiculous stuff to find the well-made, 100% wool jacket on the sale rack 😉

    • Anonymous

      it’s all well made, it’s Ralph Lauren.

      • Anonymous

        That commercial they always show before downton abbey is playing in my head now.

  • Sully

    I liked spending a lazy afternoon there watching football having pints and buying the ocassional shirt there. Have to say at night – totally different atmosphere. Remember lifting the toilet lid to flutter of coke left on the seat.

    • Anonymous

      ahhh, a flutter of coke… good times good times

    • Anonymous

      I am pretty sure they never had toilet lids

  • Anonymous

    1) Who the F- goes to Georgetown anymore? 2) There was a cafe there? Huh.


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