• Oh man, I am in so much trouble if this is true. These are my favorite brand of shoes. They are pricey but they last forever.

    • Pcat

      They definitely last forever. I’m still wearing a pair I bought in the late 70s and they look as good as new!

  • Not sure about the location, but they are definitely coming to Georgetown. So said the staff at the NYC store last week.

    LOVE their boots!

  • Anonymous

    Love their boots, but I buy one pair every half dozen years (at most). Would rather see some useful retail in Georgetown.

  • notpostingtooquickly

    I am DONE. these are my favourite boots! so excited.

  • Anonymous

    Very 1970s.

  • Anonymous

    They are great, especially if you’re into Western styles. And while they’re pricey, they started out making workingman’s boots a long time ago, so their products are very durable.

    They’re the Levi’s of boot makers. Classic American style.

  • This will be the end of me!

  • Scoop

    Why can’t we get a SCOOP here in DC. Think it would do well…maybe I should look into a franchise…Think I can become rich?

  • Anonymous

    OMG, I have yet to own a pair of Frye boots but I have been daydreaming about buying this particular pair for a few years now. Somehow, I just can’t make myself spend $300 on boot though. Saw a pair once at Bloomies outlet and I hate myself for not getting them then (they were still $250). 🙁

  • Brings back memories! In 1983 I left to travel around the world with almost the exact same amount of money that a friend had just spent on a pair of Frye boots!

  • bad news, bad news, bad news. I will not be able to keep myself from going in every chance I get! Frye’s are awesome!

  • Doubts

    Not sure if this is true. I thought that space and another space on the same side against the canal were restaurant spaces?

  • ET

    I for one am a bit excited if true. I want a pair but will not spend money on something so expensive if I can’t try them on first.


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