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New Icelandic Restaurant, Look, Hoping to Open on K Street this Friday

by Prince Of Petworth — February 27, 2013 at 4:30 pm 23 Comments

1909 K Street, NW

Thanks to a tipster for sending word that the new Icelandic restaurant, LOOK, hopes to open this Friday and Saturday with late night service and normal hours starting Monday. LOOK is located in the former Teatro Goldoni space at 1909 K Street, NW. Stay tuned.

  • Anonymous

    No small plates, gourmet burgers, or tacos? Something different? I have no idea what an Icelandic restaurant is like, and this is awesome!

    • Anonymous

      it seems that it will be all of these things EXCEPT Icelandic. whoopsie

  • Anonymous

    So what exactly about this menu is “icelandic”?

    • Anon

      ^^^I thought the same exact thing. It’s like they started off with the premise that it would be an Icelandic restaurant, but then realized that there isn’t a dc market for rotting shark.

    • Anonymous

      When “Our website is still under contruction” is the first thing written on a website you may reasonably assume that anything else you see there is not necessarily correct information.

      • Anonymous

        If your website is that much under construction that you’ve swiped a complete menu from somewhere else, you should either not distribute the url or put a big “this is not our actual menu” disclaimer on it or expect people to think it is your menu. And seriously, I know that a lot goes into opening a restaurant, but posting a reasonable facsimile of your menu is (a) not very time intensive and (b) the best way to drum up interest.

        Get it together, Look.

        • Agreed.

          As I was saying in the other Look thread, “They really shouldn’t give out their website URL while the website is still in this stage — either that or take out the Latin, menu links, etc. and just say ‘Coming soon.'”

        • Anonymous

          Damn people, it’s just a restaurant. Relax. Things don’t have to be rolled out all perfect and tidy. The expression mind your own business seems appropriate.

          • Anonymous

            If I mind my own business, that isn’t good for theirs.

          • This is a restaurant seeking business from the general public, not somebody launching their own personal website.

            Sure, it’s their prerogative to roll it out sloppily if they so choose… but as their potential customer base, we certainly have the prerogative to voice our opinions.

  • Anonymous

    Anon@ 4:48 Everything you just mentioned is on the menu except tacos

    Anon @ 5:27 is likely right. The menu isn’t Icelandic (actually *leans* more Italian), there is a fair amount of seafood though…

    • That’s the old Teatro menu.

      I work in the building. It is in no way, shape or form opening tomorrow. They are still building stuff.

  • I’m pretty sure, as was stated last time POP posted about LOOK, that’s not their menu on the website. If this place actually has Icelandic food, I’ll be excited, though I feel like the big appeal of a lot of Icelanic food is its freshness, so we’ll see.

  • When I read the post for the first time this afternoon, I thought it began “Thanks to a hipster for sending word…”

  • Jimmy

    How “K” Street like!

  • Will the hákarl be imported or locally sourced? Will it be cruelty-free? Will they use artisinally curated ammonia? So many questions.

  • Kris Coronado

    I went to Iceland last year and learned from the locals that they don’t eat “Icelandic fare” — that’s something restaurants do for tourists. My friend and I ended up eating great contemporary fare there — ranging from takes on Italian to Mexican — but nothing “Icelandic.”

    • Anonymous

      Cuz.. You know.. You weren’t tourists or anything……

  • Anon

    Mmmmmmm, minke whale

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t it be spelled Ljoork?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    DC’s hottest club is LOOK

  • Anonther

    For those following this saga, their real menu is finally up and there’s nothing Icelandic about it. Given the tzatziki draped salmon and the “Desert” menu, I’d say more middle eastern.


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