Signage Up for New Icelandic Restaurant, Look, Coming to K Street

by Prince Of Petworth — February 11, 2013 at 11:00 am 13 Comments

1909 K Street, NW

Teatro Goldoni closed for renovations at 1909 K Street, NW back in Aug. 2012. In Oct. 2012 we learned it would actually be reopening as an Icelandic Restaurant called Look. Their website is still in test mode but new signage has finally gone up. I’m dying to see the menu – stay tuned.

  • anony

    Hakarl or GTFO!

  • Will they serve puffin?

  • Sully

    I hope I don’t see fermented shark on the menu.

  • I’m no expert on Icelandic cuisine, but their menu looks like regular American steakhouse to me. I thought Icelanders ate a lot of cured fish and meats?

    • Yeah…
      Who knew ravioli, hummus, sushi and paella were Icelandic?

    • Anonymous

      In fairness, Icelandic cuisine also includes a lot of very fresh fish and meats — not just cured — since importing raw meat is illegal and everything’s local. But yeah, this menu doesn’t look particularly Icelandic (unless Mallorca was suddenly annexed by Iceland).

  • Lived in Iceland – can’t see one thing on the menu that reminds me of their country’s cuisine.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    As stated above: Their website is still in test mode. I believe that menu is likely just a test menu and not the real thing.

  • Anonymous

    Will it be insanely expensive for authenticity? Also, execution could be somewhat difficult given Icelanders unrivaled access to fresh fish.

  • dave b

    Interesting. I think it was one of Bourdain’s shows: he did an episode in Iceland and I dont think he had anything good to say about their food or drink. Good luck with this

  • Anonymous

    From my experience in Iceland (albeit limited), I don’t really see anything that looks like ‘Icelandic food’. They’re famous for their lamb and there is one lamb dish. None of their hardy stews, breads, or any ‘signatures’ like puffin, whale, fermented shark, etc. Granted it could be hard to import puffin meat, but this just looks like am American menu – mac n’ cheese, Maryland crab cakes, etc.

    • I think it’s because the website is still in test mode.

      Given that it’s got an introductory paragraph in Latin (!), I think almost nothing on the website is Look-specific. They really shouldn’t give out their website URL while the website is still in this stage — either that or take out the Latin, menu links, etc. and just say “Coming soon.”


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