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  • hcfoo22

    How much did you pay? S&S by the Takoma metro has it for about 25 dollars which I assume is more than other places because everything there is overpriced.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Pretty much the same – after tax it was $24 and change

  • hcfoo22

    I still bought it though because I was there and didn’t want the hassle of hunting it down at other places. So good.

    • TG

      Did anyone try Schlafly’s Tasmanian IPA when it came out? I thought it was awesome.

      • Matthew


  • Anonymous

    Really hoping D’Vines has some left tonight because I couldn’t make it yesterday!

    Meridian Pint had a keg on Wednesday, Churchkey had a keg on Monday…

  • Anonymous

    Flying to Michigan today. Can’t wait to stop by Bell’s and get some Hopslam fresh outta the keg!!

  • jpk


    Still delicious though

    • Anonymous

      Oh, I agree on both points. But if you think it’s bad here, you should see what it’s like in states where Bell’s isn’t distributed.

      • My boss/CFO loves this beer. We work in Bethesda, and it isn’t distributed in Maryland. We took a trip to VA yesterday morning and picked up a six pack at the WF in Vienna, and the one just inside the beltway on 7. Price was $19.99 at Vienna and $22.99 at the one on 7.

        Cool trip during work time :)

    • Anonymous

      I’m wondering if it’s really that good, or if people who pay $25 for a six pack won’t admit that there’s nothing special about it. Either way, I’m not paying that much for beer. I can get a case of Sierra Nevada (which is probably what this stuff tastes like) for around $25.

      • anon

        It is good, but not THAT good; there are many IIPAs I like better for half the price. Bell’s know they have a hype-monster on their hands and are milking it for all it’s worth. It wasn’t all that long ago when HopSlam could easily be had for < $15/sixer.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          name names man – what are IPAs just as good for cheaper?

          • KenyonDweller

            Breckinridge 451

          • Prince Of Petworth

            I’ve never tried that one before – will def. check it out – thanks.

          • Michael

            Moylan’s Double or Triple IPA
            Bear Republic Racer 5
            Victory Hop Devil
            Lagunitas Hop Stupid
            Green Flash’s IPAs
            Weyerbacher Double Simcoe
            Sierra Nevada Hoptimum
            Ninkasi’s IPAs
            Too many to name from the West Coast

          • anon

            Green Flash – Le Freak especially. Belgian/IIPA hybrid, maybe my favorite beer (when I can find it). Locally, DC Brau’s On The Wings Of Armageddon was pretty good.

            Can be found occasionally on tap: Russian River Pliny the Elder/Yonger

          • Disagree with Michael. Everyone has their own palate, but I’ve found no other beer that comes close to the well-rounded malty sweetness, hop bouquet and conservative bitterness of Hopslam. That, and it’s 10% without having any hint of aecytl alcohol harshness.

            I enjoy all of the beers mentioned (aside from the Ninski’s which I haven’t had and the Double Simcoe which is … not well made, in my humble opinion). But Hopslam is a beautiful beer.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            I love Bell’s Two hearted and even Dogfish head 60 minute but I think Hopslam is far superior. It’s like when I tasted Blue Label for the first time or a really really good wine – it just tastes delicious to me. That is exactly how I felt when I first tasted Hopslam – and there was no hype because I’d never heard of it – a friend just bought a six pack and gave me one. I had not idea at the time how expensive it was. Anyway, I’ve tried Bear Republic Racer 5 and Greenflash and while they were very good – I think hopslam is way tastier but that’s just me.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            I agree that DC Brau’s On The Wings Of Armageddon is fantastic. Def. my favorite DC Brau

          • Anonymous

            Racer 5

    • Also agree on both points.

      Second Kenyon’s suggestion on Breck 471 too. If you are looking for DIPAs that come in six or four packs and don’t break the bank, I’d also suggest Stone Ruination and Victory Hop Wallop. I know some may disagree, but I find Starr Hill’s Double Platinum to be a pretty tasty DIPA for the cost, and it’s available at Harris Teeter.

  • DCBeerBill

    Some good IPA options much cheaper than Hopslam that will satisfy your hop addiction: Bell’s Two Hearted, Founders Red’s RyePA, Green Flash Palate Wrecker or West Coast IPA, and Sierra Nevada Hoptimum. Hoptimum, especially, has a very similar profile, with just a slightly harsher bitterness, for a much cheaper price.

    • TG

      Where can I get the palate wrecker? I have long wanted to try it.

      • JS

        I don’t know where you can get it in a store but Rustico in Alexandria had it a few months ago.

        • JS

          I forgot to mention – I’ve been able to buy a bomber of it at the P St. Whole Foods from time to time.

      • Total Wine in Virginia will have it once in a Blue Moon. I’ve never seen it in DC, hence the reason I check bags when I travel to the West Coast as to smuggle some back. It’s definitely a good beer.

    • For those in to hops, look for Brooklyn Blast on draft. While not as high on the IBU’s, check out the list of hops in this beer.


      Complex and layered hoppiness, it is really really good. Very drinkable, too, for a 9% ABV beer.

  • tbone

    Schneiders had some left as of last night but it was going fast. As for price/hype, I’ll admit I don’t make a habit of paying $20+ for a 6 pack year round but I have no problem paying that price for this particular beer once a year. If you think it’s too expensive or overhyped then don’t buy it, nobody is making you. You can always get a case of Schlitz instead

  • Anonymous

    Are the beers being mentioned even hoppier than regular ipa’s ?
    I loves me some hops but even DC braus ipa is too hoppy.

    • anon

      Yes, they are hoppier from an objective measurement. But they also pack a much heavier malt profile and resulting alcohol %. The effect can mute out the massive hops; some IIPAs are much sweeter or “stickier” than many IPAs. I find DC Brau’s IPA pretty dry for the style (which is actually more appropriate)

    • Drink IPAs long enough and you’ll start craving more and more hops.

      At least that was my experience.

      • Anonymous

        well, i started drinking ipas about 20 years ago. for the first 10 years of that i did crave more and more hops. now, thats not what i seek out, though if it’s very balanced im sure i’d like it.

    • If by hoppier you mean more hops are added during the brewing process, then yes, almost all of the beers mentioned are “more hoppy”.

      That being said, I’m not so sure I would say they taste hoppier. Some of these bigger beers being mentioned also taste sweeter than a “normal” IPA, at least to my palate, and really mask some of the hop flavor (Weyerbacher’s Double Simcoe, for example).

      Have you tried Victory Hop Devil? That’s a great IPA that’s balanced and not overly hoppy.

      • Anonymous

        cool thanks. i do love victory. i’ll try the other.

  • TG

    Is it any good? I used to be a big fan of Bells but I feel like as their popularity has grown the quality has gone down. We need a review.

  • One thing about the price: at $25/6-pack, you’re paying just over $4/beer. That’s less than a good beer at any of the fine establishments in this city. Sure you’re not at a bar, but it’s not excessive in comparison to what beer drinkers pay in this city.

    • computar

      True but a bar pour is 16 oz. vs. the 6 pack’s 12. By cost per ounce, it’s actually the equivalent of a > $5 beer (before tip). This being said, I think most hop bombs taste like vomit (most likely my problem).

      • the pours at Meridian Pint on Wednesday night were 12ozs and were listed at $9.

    • anon

      That’s a spurious comparison. It’s still much more expensive per oz. than other bottled beers.

      • It is more expensive per ounce, but my point was that if you’re buying a good beer in a DC bar, it’ll cost you as much, if not more, than if you drank a bottle from a six-pack at home. I’m not trying to imply one was better than the other, but putting the cost into perspective, as many people in DC throw down $5-$6 a a beer on a Friday or Saturday night without question (for lesser beers).

        • anon

          Yes, beer at bars is more expensive than the same beer at home. However, you were trying to justify HopSlam’s high price point by comparing the price per serving to bars:

          “One thing about the price: at $25/6-pack, you’re paying just over $4/beer. That’s less than a good beer at any of the fine establishments in this city. Sure you’re not at a bar, but it’s not excessive in comparison to what beer drinkers pay in this city.”

          Actually, yes, $24/6 pack IS excessive when it comes to what beer drinkers pay in this city for home consumption.

    • jcm

      That’s how I justify all my expensive booze purchases. $120 cognac is equivalent to $10 a pop, and I don’t mind spending that in a restaurant. It gets out of hand fast, in my experience. I now own an embarrassing amount of liquor.

      • I could help you get over your embarrassment. . . .

  • Anon

    Sherry’s has (or did Wednesday) it for $25 a six pack. They were keeping it behind the counter b/c of the high demand.

  • It’s available at the remaining Magruder’s in Chevy Chase… you have to ask for it… $25

    • TG

      Awesome lead. Thanks.

      • TG

        My wife just now went to Magruders for me and picked some up. They have a two six pack limit. My wife is now appauled that I have asked her to pay $50 for 12 beers. Very much looking forward to my first taste of it tonight.

        • So what is your wife looking forward to?

  • As a native Michigander and long time Bell’s drinker, the hype around this beer is out of hand. Is it good? Absolutely, it is delicious! Is it $4+ per 12 oz bottle good – I don’t think so.

    As many have pointed out, there are a lot of really good IPA’s available out there for half the cost or less. Granted, 90% of them are not as good as Hopslam, but I’ll have a 12 pack for my $24 :)

    I do recommend trying to find it on draft for those who have never had it – best way to experience it.

    • anony

      Ever since the price skyrocketed I’ve been limiting myself to one glass at a bar when it comes out just to see how this year’s batch turned out. Even that is getting hard to do because places run out so fast. Last year’s one-cask-only thing at ChurchKey was a complete clusterf*ck. But, hey, HopSlam in a cask is even rarer than HopSlam on draft.

      • Yeah, I find the events all start at 4 or 5, and I am at work generally until 6 – by the time I make it the keg has kicked in the first 30 minutes to an hour…

  • hcfoo22

    other IPA/DIPA’s that I really like are: Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Lagunitas, Founders Centennial IPA, Ballast Point Sculpin, and when I go visit my brother in LA I make him find me some Pliny the Elder

  • Actual question: Is anyone actually paying $25 for a six pack for the “hype” or the TwitPic? I bought a six-pack because I really love this beer and find the quality worth the price. If you think it’s overhyped, don’t buy it? Yes, there are a lot of quality IPAs out there that are somewhat comparable, but any double IPA of similar make will not cost as much as a Sierra Nevada Torpedo six-pack.

    Also, sure, you can argue that Pliny or Hoptimum are better (they may be!), but you’re having a laugh if you think it’s going to be much cheaper. Or more readily available. I think Pliny 22s have run around $11 pre-tax and Hoptimum four-packs for $15.

  • Enry Iggins

    I thought the Racer X approximated Hopslam fairly well. Huge Citrus and Grapefruit. Racer 5 always gets slammed cause it lacks malt backbone cause beer snobs all think beers should be balanced. Pish posh I say, when you want hops, you don’t really care too much about lack of malt.

    Anyone else think that all styles of Victory beers have a similar harsh/bitter taste? Its not terrible but for me is distracting

    • Racer X is one of my top ten personal favorite beers, and for the reasons you mention (i.e. the hops speak for themselves). Sometimes I think brewers get so mixed up in trying to make a beer super-big and super-balanced that they overdo it.

      I’m a huge fan of Victory, and I’ve never noticed that before. Golden Monkey, Headwaters, and Summer Love come to mind of Victory beers lacking in bitterness. But, I can see where someone trying Prima Pils or Storm King could find them more bitter than a traditional representive of the pilsner or RIS style, and thus be put off by it.

    • I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about – but if I was 22 and you were not downright ugly – I might do you.

  • Anonymous

    Check your local grocery if it regularly sells Bell’s products. It’s been on the shelves of mine for three days. And cheaper than any price mentioned above.

  • anon

    You won’t find it around here, but the New Glarus Thumbprint IIPA is not to be missed.

    • Anything New Glarus is sorely missed by this cheesehead.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else watch Greg’s Reviews? His on this was spot on (“unreal, this may be the first 10..I’m blown away.”):

  • Just picked up a 6 pack at Best One Liquor in Bloomingdale/Shaw for $21+tax

  • Anonymous

    this year’s batch is not as good. w aay too bitter.


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