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Green/Yellow line delays due to person struck by train

by Prince Of Petworth February 13, 2013 at 9:17 am 19 Comments


Update: February 13, 2013 at 9:05 a.m.

Green and Yellow line trains are single tracking between Mt Vernon Sq and Archives with delays in both directions due to a person struck by train at Gallery Place.

The incident occurred at approximately 8:00 a.m. when an adult male placed himself in the path of an arriving northbound train. The incident appears to be intentional.

Customers should expect delays in both directions on Green & Yellow Line. Yellow Line customers in Virginia should consider using Blue Line as alternate.

  • Anonymous

    When I lived in Philly, incidents like this really brought out the worst in people. Lots of grumbling among the delayed riders, and worse.

    I was pleasantly surprised this morning that people seemed to be behaving themselves, appropriately somber and patient, while we waited through the single-tracking at each stop.

    • I got the crazy guy ranting and raving. He’s going to complain to someone b/c it’s just not right, and some other stuff that made no sense. I’m glad he was the only one I encountered. I believe he would have been ranting and raving no matter what because of the crazy.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe people are getting used to it. Sadly, it happens every month or two. 🙁

    • Ugh, I hate these people. The person killing themselves obviously has a mental illness, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing something this desperate. I wish people had a bit more empathy.

      Though, the person I feel worst for is the train conductor. Many of them end up emotionally scarred and traumatized. They’ve unwillingly become an accessory to a person’s death and I’m sure the image of the suicide victim becomes ingrained in their memory forever.

      I wish Metro would do more to talk about the effects these suicides have on the train conductors. Perhaps it would dissuade a few people from killing themselves via this method, as they are inflicting real & lasting psychological strain on the train operators.

      • Anon

        Agreed, I can’t even imagine being a train conductor in that situation. The conductor and the deceased are both in my thoughts.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, the NYT ran an article recently about the after-effects on conductors and motormen in New York’s subway system; some are really haunted by the experience and unable to return to that job role. Even though they know rationally that it’s not their fault (you can’t stop a train on a dime, even if you see the person on the tracks ahead of time), the feelings of guilt must be terrible.

  • I was waiting at U Street when this happened. As soon as they announced it over the loudspeaker, I got the hell out of there and grabbed the 14th Street bus downtown. A friend of mine jumped in front of an an Acela train in NJ two years ago and I didn’t want to have to ride through this crime scene. Way too grisly & upsetting for me, especially before having my coffee.

    Was the situation utter chaos?

    • Anonymous

      It was crowded, yes. And the news station jerks with their giant cameras kept tripping and bumping people. But I wouldn’t call it chaos. The red line backup from a few weeks ago was worse, in terms of huge numbers of people with no where to go.

      And the scene was not visually upsetting (at least at the front of the involved train– just police tape and some mechanical equipment visible). Not like a few months ago at Farragut North. Seeing that mess was seriously terrible. Of course, I didn’t go looking for gore this morning. But at the Farragut North incident, you couldn’t avoid seeing it if you wanted to.

      • Can we all agree that the news media are the worst? Between this and the terrible coverage of the Dorner shoot-out, I’m sick of these idiots chasing stories and passing bad information in their attempt to manufacture drama.

        • Roz

          They wouldn’t cover it if there weren’t a voracious public to consume it.

          • If they ignored it you’d be here barking about how you couldn’t get any info about a massive problem with the Metro and waaaah, the news media is the worst.

    • I probably got on the last train at U St. before it happened (must have happened around the time my train was pulling into Shaw-Howard). Took about 30 min. to get to Gallery Place. The station was quite calm and the platform was surpisingly not very crowded, probably due to the various barriers the police had put up. The red line area looked normal.

      On the other hand, my boss was waiting to catch the train in Pentagon City, and decided to go home because the platform there was becoming way too packed in.

  • I ride from Columbia Heights to L’Enfant. I got on the train at around 8:20 and they were single tracking between Mt Vernon Square and Archives. It took me a little over an hour.

    • Sorry that was supposed to be a reply to zero_sum about how metro was today.

  • Traveler

    I got on the yellow line train in Columbia Heights and then the delay began. Our train waited at U Street for about 10 minutes and then that train was redirected back to Greenbelt. I grabbed the next train (green line) and got off at Mt Vernon in order to connect to a yellow line train. I waited in Mt Vernon for about 30 minutes. Four green line trains went by before a yellow line train showed up. Metro kept people informed all along (“single tracking” “trains may change directions” “person hit by a train”) so I think that helped people to not lose their patience.

  • Skn

    I am praying for this man’s family and loved ones.

  • So sad for everyone involved. I’ll never understand the mental state that leads someone to make such a drastic decision.

  • pokerface

    I always wondered why they don’t make the trains come to a stop right at the end of the tunnel and then slowly pull into the station. May add a few seconds to arrivals, but probably save lives of these people who suffer from mental illness that drives them to taking there lives. Suicide sucks…. been collaterral damage from one successful victim of it. You never get over it. :/

    • Phil

      Because that would waste people’s time for incidents that are exceedingly rare statistically and would also reduce capacity (longer headways, slower overall service as the time added on by stopping would be significant).


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