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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth — February 13, 2013 at 10:00 am 113 Comments

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Britt

    Rant: Started using LoseIt to get rid of the last five pounds but keep typing “Lost It” instead. Jumping the gun much?
    Rant: Still sick, tons of work, and cough medicine brain.
    Rave: Vacation in four days. Cannot come fast enough.

  • Rave: Don’t have pneumonia!

    Rant: Do have bronchitis.

    Rave: Have the magical inhaler that fixes my bronchitis (that I seem to get all the freaking time). Hoping to be able to breathe tomorrow.

    Rave: Kitty looks so much better today! Her nose was free and clear this morning. yay She’s also strong enough to do some damage to my person when I give her her meds. yay but not yay

    • Anonymous

      The last time I had bronchitis the doctor prescribed codeine cough syrup. good stuff!

      • I do not have a Dr Feelgood. But the inhaler works really well and really quickly, so I shouldn’t complain.

        • Anonymous

          Next time, tell your doctor you’re coughing so hard you can’t fall asleep.

        • I hope you feel better. So you didn’t take part in any Fat Tuesday festivities?

    • 17th St

      I’ve never had bronchitis, so I don’t know what that’s like, but I just got through a case of pneumonia so I congratulate you on not having it. Couple days in the hospital and a bunch of antibiotics later and I am starting to feel human again. The cough is lingering, as I was told it might, but even that seems to be fading away, which I appreciate and I am sure my neighbors do too! Hope you feel better soon.

      • Thank you. I hope your cough goes away soon. I get bronchitis a lot, unfortunately, so I’m used to it. It still sucks and I’m pretty sure my neighbors are sick of the middle of the night coughing fits. On the bright side, since I get this crap almost every year I know to go to the Dr for the least little cough and I know what meds work for me. Next step is a specialist 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Really sick of this neither here nor there wet weather. I want either “winter wonderland” with time off work and a white blanket over everything or I want Spring! Right now I’m leaning towards the latter.

    Fingers crossed that a late-March vacation gets booked!

  • Anonymous

    RANT: Someone was killed this morning while jaywalking on New York Avenue. DC police need to continue writing tickets to jaywalkers — not just once a year oin a pedestrian safety campaign. Jaywalkers not only bring danger to themselves, but to others as well. There is a risk that a driver could very easily lose control of his/her car while swerving to miss jaywalkers. Use a little common sense people and use the crosswalks and wait for the light.

    • Anonymous


      • I agree! Also, it’s hard to see jaywalkers when they appear out of nowhere in dark clothing just before sunrise and at night. Help us see you by crossing at the crosswalk.

    • maria

      Someone was also killed on the crosswalk by a driver making a right turn a day ago.

      • Anonymous

        The one time I came very close to being hit was when I was legally in the crosswalk (though a cop saw the whole thing happen and pulled the driver over, so hopefully he’ll pay more attention next time). Regardless I’m not sure being in the crosswalk or not makes much of a difference.

        • Obviously the driver has to be paying attention to what they’re doing but as a pedestrian I believe my chances are better if I’m only in the street where and when a driver would expect me to be.

    • Anon

      Such a sad day for news.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Good friend Irvine passed away after long battle with cancer. He was one great dancer, from Trinidad…

  • zandunga

    Rave: Starting physical therapy at GW next week for carpal tunnel.

    Rant: Wasted too much at Howard with no improvement.

  • Rant: My sister is still being mega-passive aggressive, using texts to communicate rather than returning my phone calls and using my parents’ emotions as punching bags. She’s making a slew of incorrect assumptions that could easily be cleared up with a damn phone call, but her phobia of confrontation/clearing things up is crippling! This is why people hate weddings, planning weddings, dealing with families because of weddings–I get it now.

    Rave: My parents are finally saying “enough!” to her–its making her angrier, but this has been going on for months. Seriously, enough already!

    • maria

      Hi. we should be friends. We almost cancelled our wedding over the family issues. 🙂 Good luck to you and your family!

      • Thank you! Thankfully, our “family drama” is really only sourced from this one person. At this rate, she might be uninviting herself from the wedding, which could be a blessing in disguise — if she comes, I might be forced against my will to give her horrid new husband an invite. I think her husband would probably verbally or physically attack me during my own wedding. UGH!

        • maria

          Jesus christ!

          • Anonymous

            squish, i read this site often; you seem to have a ton of issues with your sister. Are you sure it’s her that’s the problem? not being a jerk btw

          • anonymous

            Uh… yeah. Thankfully, she is the only source of the problem. Think again, honey. It usually takes more than one person to create the kinds of problems you all have. Continuing to blame your sister is not taking you in the right direction.

          • Yes, lately my sister isn’t acting like my sister, and is my main source of rants since we learned about her wedding in August. If it isn’t how she’s treating my Mom, it’s how passively she handles the fights she starts. I’m shocked that this is still an issue. Thanks for the support, maria!

            Also, my sister being an immature gal is my largest rant, and that’s what this forum is for. My silver lining rave is that I’m happy with my job, my relationship with my fiancé, my parents, friends, so life is still pretty good!

  • Anonymous

    Not a rant or a rave…what was up with the people offering ashes at Dupont South metro this morning? I didn’t realize you could get ashes from a non priest (and this was a woman, so definitely not a priest) and/or without going to church. Very odd.

    RANT: people at work not stepping up to help a woman who’s out getting chemo. HELLO. 5 minutes of your time could mean she doesn’t have to work from home post chemo. Stop sucking as a human being.

    • Britt

      She could be a pastor or priest from a non-Catholic Christian denomination (Episcopalians have women priests)…

      • Anonymous

        Good point on the non-Catholic possibility. But can you get ashes without going to church? Is it like a quick blessing and then on your way?

    • You must be Catholic. How cute.

      In all seriousness, most Protestants put ashes on themselves or on each other. No priest needs to be involved. That’s what the Reformation was all about.

      • Anonymous

        Not Catholic at all. Not even Christian. Didn’t think of the Non-Catholic possibility, but should have. Still doesn’t explain my confusion over the lack of church. If Ash Wednesday is a holy day (right?) should there be some church involved?

        No need to be snarky, i’m genuinely curious.

        • I’m not a practicing Catholic and haven’t been for years, so I’m not expert, but, contrary to popular belief, Ash Wednesday is actually not a holy day of obligation in the Catholic Church.

          That’s really all I have to add to the conversation; not much, I know!

      • How patronizing!

      • TG

        Yeah, why is it “cute” if she is catholic. That is more than snarky. It is kind of offensive.

        • anonymous

          Yeah, it is offensive. But no surprise there- zerosum spends his days and nights being offensive. Anyone who keeps tabs on this blog knows it.

          • zero

            Very true

    • Annons

      I heard something on Morning Edition about this – believe the priest was from the National Cathedral (episcopalian)

    • Anonymous


    • In regards to chemo, ouch. I just finished it after 5 months of treatment. I was very fortunate to have co-workers who backed me up 100%. So much easier to deal with health-related crap when you don’t have to stress over anything back in the office.

    • Colhi

      Lapsed female Catholic here. I was a Eucharistic Minister in HS and was able to give ashes out at a mass. Not sure about giving them out by the Metro tho.

    • I’m a female and no longer a Catholic but I’ve been distributing ashes all day. Not at the metro, however.

  • rant: I hate the person who jumped in front of the train this morning marginally less than I hate the person who threw a brick through the rear window of our car. Husband left at 5AM for a business trip without a rear window.

    Rant: Cant fix it until Friday, and we’re getting iffy weather.

    Rave: Three day weekend and I dodged a visit by my mother in law. So, win win. And my 2 week wait is almost up, for better or worse. So it’ll either be a great weekend or a very, very drunk one.

    • Anns

      Hoping you have a great weekend & not the alternative. Waiting must be hard.

    • JB

      I’m so sorry your morning was slightly delayed by a dead person. Since they are no longer with us, perhaps you can ask their family for an apology?

      • We’ve been through this before on PoP – he wasn’t hit by a train, he jumped in front of it. I completely understand people have issues and need help (I work with and am married to the military – I’m no stranger to suicide). However, an already selfish act made worse doesn’t fly with me – sorry. I feel bad for their family, and worse for the driver. That’s about it. sorry if that offends you.

        • I choose to have compassion for someone who is so sick that they think the only way to make it stop is suicide. I wish others had the same compassion, then maybe more people would get help.

          • Anonymous

            Very well said. This city needs a little more compassion. I feel sorry for jindc. It must be a hard burden carrying around all that hate for those less fortunate.:(

          • Anonymous

            +1,000,000. Thank you for this.

          • anongardener

            Exactly. Well said, emmaleigh. Our default emotion towards others should be compassion, not hate.

          • I’ll add my voice to the chorus: well said, Emmaleigh.

          • Anonymous

            Compassion, sure. But, you can’t recognize suicide as selfish? It’s typically a suicidal impulse of a depressed person, and the resulting act leaves a lot of hurt for survivors. Great article in New Yorker. I agree with the poster. You know, some people use metro to places where delay is more than inconvenience, e.g. going to see a terminally ill relative in the hospital.

          • Thank you. This person was sick, not selfish. Instead of projecting annoyance or anger, I wish people would reflect on how we can make society better so we properly treat and care for people who are this far into the depths of mental illness.

            I certainly spent my entire commute reflecting on this person, their illness (and how, most likely, it was not properly treated), their family, and the poor people at Gallery Place who witnessed this.

          • THANK YOU Emmaleigh, it’s so sad that we don’t have compassion for one another. That person was obviously dealing with some troubling issues, to think your little delay getting to a job, you probably have been on here complaining about, is more important than the suffering of another human says a lot about them as a person.

          • Marcus Aurelius

            I would not characterize this person as “sick” since I don’t know anything about him or her. It’s possible that he or she made a rational decision to take his or her life. If a terminally ill person can decide to go out on his or her own terms using a fatal dose of a drug, they can go out on their own terms by jumping in front of a train.
            I do characterize him or her as selfish – not because he or she did something that jacked up my morning commute but because he or she did something that could seriously jack up the lives of the people who witnessed it, particularly the train conductor.

          • JB

            Thanks for saying this Emmaleigh and everyone else. Mental illness is not about being weak, cowardly or selfish, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We as a society need to show some compassion towards people who are struggling with this. Hate and stigmatization doesn’t serve any good.

        • Ryan

          I’m with Jin here. If you want to kill yourself how about you don’t wreak havoc on the city’s transportation system to do it. And even more importantly, the driver of that train now has to live with this traumatizing experience. Wanting to end your life is a sad, tragic thing. Forcing someone else to end it for you is selfish.

          • Identified


            If you wish to end your life, have at it (though I wish you wouldn’t, but I don’t know your life).

            But do not ever make someone else live with the trauma of being the “device” you chose to use to end it. You are now gone, that person has to live with your consequences.

            2 bottles of sleeping pills, coffee grinder, 1 large bottle of alcohol. Mix and consume. And away you go. And please be sure to send a letter to a lawyer who can contact the police before you go. That way, no one “accidentally” finds your body.

          • I feel for the train conductor and anyone else who witnessed it. I can’t imagine how horrible that would be. I hope metro has some sort of program or help for the conductor.

          • JinDC

            Right, everyone has free will. There is a lot of help available (though if there needs to be more, fine) but you can’t force someone. If have learned anything frm having friends and loved ones with post-deployment PTSD, you can’t make them get help until they recognize their need for it. Helping those wit mental illness is a two way street…forcing them can be counter productive. If someone wants to kill themselves over grtting help, they will find a way.

            Now, the train conductor and witnesses I deinitel have compassion for because they were unwilling participants.

    • Having dealt with similar window situations more than once, I recommend you call Safelite–they will come to you and give you a “wrap” at the very least. It’s not a window, but it does protect your car from the elements.

    • TG

      J – you need to recognize that suicide is not a rationale act undertaken by a rationale thinker that can be held to the standards you think they should be held too. It is the act of an ill person. I had a friend with two small kids that killed himself recently. It took me a long time not to be angry at him and to recognize that the concept of suicide can be reconciled with a loving, caring, and at times inspirational man. He is deeply missed. You should be ashamed of your comment.

      • Anon

        I completely agree with everything everyone is saying about having compassion for this person. No suicide is not a selfish act, because the person who is acting on it is not thinking that way. Imagine being in a place emotionally where nothing matters except to stop the pain. Is it selfish to want that pain to stop when all else tried has failed? A friend recently ended his life, and I was not angry at all, but definitely sad that he had gotten to that place that he felt that was the only way to stop the pain.

        • Anonymous

          This suicide victim did not ask the conductor to consent to participating in the suicide. Therefore, selfish.

          Of course, irrational people can be evaluated on a scale of relative selfishness/selflessness. You can always measure behavior for what it is. Suicide can be rational as well.

      • It is hard to understand what is going on with a person in that situation for people who has not being there at some point in their lives. When you are in that situation, there’s a disconnect from logic, you think but nothing really matters but stopping the pain. We should think that we or someone we know could be that person some day, we don’t know, and that’s why I agree that we need to be compassionate about it.

        • JinDC

          You assume I or someone I love(d) hasn’t been in that situation. Perhaps having been in the situation makes me see why an act like this is selfish – there are ways to get help, and ways to go peacefully to others don’t have to be a party in your plan.

          That’s just the way I see it.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: DC area schools using public buses during rush hour for field trips. I’m all for DC kids going on field trips and being cultural enriched, but at rush hour, cramming twenty screaming/yelling kids, constantly being shushed to no avail by their teachers on a bus, and the ten minutes it takes to get the on and off the bus, the lack of any room to stand/sit on the bus due to 20 kids and four teachers taking up space, and the splitting headache the rest of the passengers take into work with them as a result . . . well, it sucks.

    DC should be ponying up school buses and hiring drivers for these field trips. More jobs for folks, easier transportation for the kids/teachers, and no headaches for the rest of us. Or, have more bake sales so the schools can pony up for private transportation. Or, wait until after rush hour to hit the road if you’re going to use public transport.


    • Anonymous


    • I’ve only had this happen once with a group of 4-6ish year olds from E.L.Haynes. It totally made my day.

    • Boris S. Wort

      Did they pay the fare? If so, shut up. They have as much right to be there as you do.

      • Anonymous

        Metro rules prohibit rowdy behavior as well as children playing on the bus. They may have a right to be there, but they also have a responsibility to be considerate, which may be impossible for a field trip scenario.

        • Anonymous

          Kids are way better than a bunch of sad faces in black staring at their phones.

          • More like sad folks draped in shades of grey while reading Shades of Grey.

  • Rant: Wife’s clutch got stolen at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
    Rant2: Had to overnight her passport from Petworth to New Orleans to her so she can get home tomorrow
    Rave: Only had one CC, DL, and $70 in the clutch, and the clutch was relatively inexpensive
    Rant3: Lowlifes who prey on tourists from out of town.

    • Anonymous

      You need a passport to get from Louisiana to DC?

      • You need ID to get on an airplane.

      • No, but you do need some form of government-issued ID to board a plane.

      • m

        you need an ID to get on the plane, and if your DL is stolen, passport will do.

        • Anonymous

          I think you can actually fly domestically with 2 forms of non government id or something like that.

          My friend came to visit and was super proud of himself that he knew that since he’d lost his DL. Since he didnt bring his passport, all it meant was that we couldnt go drinking.

      • no, but you should

        • Wow, you are full of sunshine today.

          • Anonymous

            I actually thought J’s comment here was funny. It was meant as a joke, right J? Because New Orleans at Mardi Gras is so wild?

          • You may be correct. I took it a different way (I’m from there and I have heard more of my fair share of comments about how La is a 3rd world country etc). I will now choose to think of the comment the way you did, though Mardi Gras doesn’t have to be wild. It’s family friendly too.

          • JinDC

            Yes, it was a joke. Sheesh, laugh a little folkies

        • Never mind, I take that back. People are allowed to have bad days, I hope yours gets better.

          • JinDC

            And you should laugh a little. No offense meant about New Orleans. Never even been there….just thought the French/Cajun and partying was implied by needinng a passport. It isn’t a big deal…just a joke

      • anon

        You may not even need a gov’t issued ID. A friend lost his wallet in NOLA and just filed a police report and brought that paperwork to tha airport and that was enough to get on the plane.

    • hmm

      Your wife went to the Gras without you? Her stolen clutch (whatever that is) is the least of your worries my friend.

      • Her and 6 girlfriends went to Mardi Gras for a bachelorette party. I trust my wife 100%, so yeah, not too worried.

        • Seriously, god forbid you actually trust your wife!

          But I’m sure we’re all glad to know that “Hmm” has trust and insecurity issues in his/her relationships.

    • Let this be a warning to others. A clutch is the worst thing to caring your belongings in at a super crowded event like Mardi Gras.

      • She is taking this as a learning experience. She brought a cross-body purse, but didn’t use it for some reason. Not entirely sure. It won’t happen again 🙂

        • I’m sorry she had to have that learning experience. I’m even more sorry it happened in my hometown.

      • Anonymous

        I think a clutch is a bad idea for any night out. Way too easy to leave somewhere or set down somewhere where it can be swiped. Cute as they are, they’re not very practical.

        • I feel the same way. I try not to take any purse out because I don’t want to leave it some place, but it’s not always practical to not have a purse/bag.

          • Anonymous

            A purse is less of a liability because you have it slung over your shoulder while dancing or using the bathroom or standing at the bar with a drink in hand. The clutch is more tempting to set down because you’d have to hold it otherwise.

    • mlh534

      A couple of years ago, my bag was stolen the night before a flight out of New Orleans. I threw myself at the mercy of airport security; they called head of security. They said I had to have at least *something* with my name on it (I had a prescription pill bottle) and a guy on the phone asked me a bunch of questions to confirm my identity (previous addresses, names of family members, etc). It was a little creepy but it is possible.

  • Rant: Been in Salt Lake City for work more the past two weeks than I’ve been at home.

    Rave: Found a bar here that serves Dechutes’ The Abyss.

    Super Rave: Found out there’s a little beerdude or dudette on the way.

    • Congrats!!!

    • maria

      Aww, congrats!

    • TG


    • Congrats on the good news and good beer.

      That said, you better be getting your ass to Snowbird/Alta as soon as possible. I’d give a finger or two to be riding that snow at this time of year.

      • Seriously. It dumped a load of fresh stuff here on the weekend. Alas, working 12 hours a day doesn’t lend well to carving up the mountain.

    • Anonymous

      The beerdude abides.

  • Anonymous


    • Anon

      I woke up today thinking it was valentines day. So gad I got to put it off for another day.

  • RAVE: The Jeopardy Teen Tournament last night. This kid killed it.

  • Anonymous

    Haw anyone ever done an amended tax return? Right after I e-filed I discovered a mistake so I sent in amended returns (which you have to do by mail). The filings went through and the refunds got deposited into my account, but I’ll owe a few thousand in federal and DC once the amendment is processed. So I guess I need to keep the funds in my account to be withdrawn at some point, right? How long can I expect that to take?

    • Anonymous

      I had to amend three years of taxes due to money owed to me. The District, surprisingly, was very swift. However, federal was very slow.

      • Good to know since I screwed up my e-filing too and had to send an amended return to get all my refund. Sadly, most of the refund is from the feds, DC only owes me like $7.

  • mc

    RAVE: Just realized it’s a 3 day weekend! I had no idea I had Monday off.

    • 17th St

      3-day weekend – yay!
      and even better,
      it will be a 4-day weekend for me – I am taking Tuesday off, since it’s my birthday! Yay!

  • Anonymous

    RANT: Is anything being done about the rush hour bus service in Petworth? Every one of them is completely packed, and bus drivers are forced to pass by stops with crowds of people who can’t get on. Yes, I am talking about the 63 bus and no, it isn’t because people won’t move to the back, they do.

    I never hear anything about this, but I am seeing a lot of very angry people every day. When there is such a need for increased transportation, why is no one saying anything about it? I know that most of you think you are too good to ride the bus, but those of us who rely on it to get to work every day have a real need for more service.

    I’m looking at the schedule now and seeing over twenty minutes between rush hour bus departures, in the dead of Winter. Who do you even talk to to get some action about this?


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