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  • Deak

    Hi! My wife found this sweet pup on New Jersey ave running in and out of traffic. She couldn’t find the owner and ended up bringing her home. Unfortunately she is also allergic, so we can’t keep her until the owner is found. Unless we can find the owner or there are any other ideas we will need to hand her over to animal control. Until then we’ll be playing with her and keeping her company.

  • Britt

    We are taking her to the Washington Humane Society at 1201 New York Ave, NE. I wish we could keep her until we find the owners but I’m really allergic. She’s very sweet and seems to miss her mom and/or dad.

  • MP

    Awww – I hope this sweet looking pup finds her way back home. She looks a bit border collie/spaniel – my favorite kind of dog.

  • Anonymous

    Saw a woman looking for this dog this morning. She told me to bring it to animal control if I found it.

    • Britt

      We took her to Washington Humane Society at 1201 New York Ave, NE last night around 8:30 PM. They are taking good care of her.


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