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Lime Fresh Mexican Grill Applies for Liquor License in Chinatown

by Prince Of Petworth — January 8, 2013 at 11:23 pm 13 Comments

726 7th Street, NW

Back in Sept. 2012 we learned that a Lime Fresh Mexican Grill would be taking over the Potbelly space at 726 7th Street, NW. A press release said:

“Potbelly will close its doors before the opening of Lime Fresh in mid-2013.”

I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a Potbelly closing. Anyway, seems things are moving forward with Lime Fresh as they’ve applied for a liquor license that says:

“A new full service restaurant serving healthy Mexican cuisine and beverages. Total Occupancy Load is 66; number of seats inside is 58.

You can see their menu here. We judged the Lime Fresh Columbia Heights location here.

  • Kinda odd given the proximity of both Chipotle and California Tortilla nearby. Given the harsh reviews its Columbia Heights location has received, I don’t foresee this place booming.

    • E

      Agreed. I’m not happy about this. I have tried this place in Columbia Heights. It is not garbage but it is virtually the same thing as chipotle and California Tortilla…maybe a little nicer decor. The last thing we need downtown.

  • DF

    Wow, that’s pretty surprising. Anyone been there during lunch hours on a weekday knows the line is usually out the door (like most other eateries then).

  • rusty shackleford

    Man, this sucks. Lime may or may not be good – I’ve never had it, but like other posters said there is already a Chipotle and a Cali Tortilla across the street and next door. I also love Potbelly and don’t get why a lot of people (at least people I know, it is crowded all the time) hate it.

    • I think the hate for Potbelly is simply due how ubiquitous it is. Also, I think a lot of us have “od”d on Potbelly. After having at least one of their sandwiches every week for 3+ years, I know I finally got burnt out and now go there about once a month.

      Even though I’m tired of them, I like the PB chain overall. Cheap, decent food, and fast service (at least when there is a rush of customers).

  • Lime?

    Is this the same Lime(chain) that is in Miami? When I had it in Miami at South Beach location and Aventura, it was quite delicious.

  • This is like being cured of brain cancer only to be diagnosed with lymphatic cancer.

  • Anonymous

    Lime Fresh is seriously disgusting. And every Potbelly’s I’ve ever been to in this city has had a line. I don’t understand.

    • Potbelly has a line because their sandwiches taste good, unlike Subway’s 6-inch “footlongs” which taste like a cross between D-Grade bleached cow a-holes and nothing and will cause you to “jump the shart.”

  • Trading one bad chain for another. Great. Another culinary coup for “Chinatown.”

  • d

    i heard by a friend that works in one of the restaurants near by that the developer kick them out. because lime was ready to pay a higher rent for the space

  • Rich

    Lime is totally unimpressive, even as fast food. Potbelly, is not a gourmet delight, but usually good value and a decent meal.

  • hs

    I hope the Potbellys in Columbia Heights closes next… thankfully it can’t be replaced by the Godforsaken chain restaurant Lime (which apparently is owned by Ruby Tuesdays), since there is already one in Columbia Heights.


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