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  • Anonymous

    I tried it. Pretty gross. Quality of the meat is average to below average. Customer service is fantastic and they serve alcohol and have a HUGE eating area, so if you’re looking to get drunk and eat junk food, you could do worse, but even Chipotle’s burritos taste a lot better.

  • Too loud.

    • NHAve

      This is the biggest deterrent to me about the place. The food is so-so & that’s what I expected, but cannot stand the loudness of the bad music.

      • monkeyrotica


        • Bibliotaco, a new Mexican library themed restaurant will be opening in Silver Spring this coming Spring. Our Magical Realism Burrito will have you marveling for days.

    • Tim

      Walked by a few weeks ago and they were blasting Nickelback onto the sidewalk…haven’t been inclined to try them out since that…

    • I can’t bring myself to walk in because the music IS SO DAMNED LOUD. (I had no idea I was such an old person.)

    • elizabeth

      Go across the street to Cava Mezze – not mexican, not noisy – delicious!

  • I am really disappointed. I thought it was terrible. Very bland. There are other places in the neighborhood with much better latin food. Too many chain restaurants coming to the neighborhood. This was a bad choice.

  • DF

    Got takeout soon after they opened. Terrible, bland. Their salsas suck. Baja Fresh is leaps and bounds above them, and honestly so is Chipotle.
    Disappointing, I was looking forward to some good, cheap, fast TG Mexican (yes, I know about Chucho and El Riconcito).

    • I totally agree about the salsas! I tried all of them and they were all terrible. Also my burrito had absolutely no flavor.

  • The beef queso dip is really, really good, but nothing else is edible unless you run it through the queso dip before eating.

    Was kind of disappointed overall.

    • Rich

      This is what happens when redevelopment relies on new construction which turns to chains who are the ones best placed to afford the rents. The food sucks at their other locations–no reason to expect anything better here.

  • Anonymous

    I just tried Lime yesterday with a friend … soft tacos — NOT good — stale and very little meat — my friend said the burrito was tasty … — the salsa bar is boring — probably will not go back any time soon

  • Anonymous

    Had a burrito from there. It was horrible. WAY too much rice and it tasted like basically nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I didn’t think it was THAT bad when I ate there. Pretty much on par with other fast food options like Chipotle, except way more options. The first time I went the manager told me they purposefully don’t put tons of seasoning on the food b/c they want people to be able to add their own with the salsas, hot sauces, lime juice, cilantro, etc. that they have out. Sounds like they maybe need to clarify that for more people? I mean, I’m not really sure what you expect out of a fast food, chain restaurant.

  • Joe Flood

    Eh. It was okay. But so freaking loud, it’s like eating in a nightclub.

  • Anonymous

    Customer Service, Margarita deals, Size of Space, Ample seating, Clean Bathrooms, generous portions

    Setup-That awkward line where you order is offputting, and drinks and salsas are in an awkward place, and if you get all situated, you have to get up and take all your stuff with you just to get a refill.
    Food- Had a quesadilla that was below average (tasted like taco bell) and a burrito that was awful
    Price- My CRAPPY Burrito was 10 dollars!!!!
    Chips-Too generous with the chips as you get a whole platter while you wait, then a ton more when you get your food-wasteful if you ask me

  • It’s okay. They own up to the fact that they don’t season their food because they expect you to use their salsa bar (which to reiterate Anon 12:48pm, is awkward to use). That said, it’s okay (read: edible), but definitely not as good as Chipotle.

    They have a nice WTF happy hour deal ($2 beers; $3 frozen margaritas) and that’s about the only time I would consider going. Well, their margaritas are too sweet for me.

  • Service is fantastic – what do they feed or pay these people? Can they be cloned and scattered at other DC establishments?
    Food is okay for what it is – a chain.
    Great for HH.

  • Anonymous

    Yuck – I think it is gross.
    I am so disappointed – I will NEVER go back.

  • I wish they had fresh jalapenos. If I ever go again, I’ll take my own fresh jalapenos.

  • Anonymous

    Tastes like Taco Bell but pricier.

  • Mad Max

    I had a chicken taco salad that was severely lacking in toppings and flavor, I’d rather go to Taco Bell.

  • Anonymous

    I went yesterday for the first time– they must have turned down the music because it wasn’t blaring. I ordered the queso burrito and didn’t like the fact it was a “vote” for Romney. I told my Partner I thought the salsas were bland and the burrito seemed to be missing things. I liked how they toasted the burrito. I thought the prices were reasonable, considering the burrito comes with tortilla chips. I won’t be back, tho.

  • Anonymous

    Chipotle is better in all respects if you want this kind of food. Pretty silly to put this right across the street, I don’t think it will be around for very long.

  • hs

    I didn’t know you could screw up Mexican food that badly. The ingredients are straight up gross. Looking forward to when (not if) they close.

  • Cosa Verdad

    Should have guessed. Also Tortilla Coast is looking pretty empty most of the time, I don’t know what might happen there, here mostly complaints about blah food.

    My vote goes to Dirstrict Tacos, I’m always really happy with their food and reminds me of best options for Mexico City style taco that would work here. Luv it that the staff gets the food, now just get them to serve beer in DC and use Mexican Cheese (yuck on the kraft) and Crema.

    • Anonymous

      Have you tried Tacos Chilango yet at 11th and V? So far, really good. Hope it lasts.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know who owns this place? is it a chain?

    • Anonymous

      It’s owned by Ruby Tuesday’s.

  • jahow

    Just tried it this past weekend. Burrito was pretty tasty but it was SMALL, how often do you say that about a burrito? That with a small side of chips made what was going to be my big meal of the day into an acceptable late lunch.

    The cashier talked up the salsa bar and encouraged me to try all the “free different kinds of salsa”, alright fine, but this is your selling point? Can I get a slightly bigger burrito? An adult size serving of chips?

    The worst part? The price. At Chipoltle, if I am willing to brave the line, I can get much better value.

    Needless to say, I won’t be going to Lime again.

  • Anonymous

    I like the La Paz Fish Salad. The service is great and the beers and margaritas are cheap, especially for their Wednesday through Friday happy hours.

    I’ve never thought it was loud when I’m there. The music is all pop songs from a few years.

  • Scott

    Tried it the first week and loved it but went back this week and it was awful. They messed up both of our orders, took a really long time to bring them, and did not even apologize for the mistakes. The back room and the salsa bar are nice but not worth it with inferior burritos and staff that don’t even have basic customer service skills.

  • Anonymous

    Meh. It was cold. Not good. But customer service was pretty good.

  • Anon

    Lime sucks. Food is gross.

  • u streeter

    There’s a typo in the restaurant’s name. Should be “Lame”


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