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Second Question Posted for DC At-Large Council Candidates

by Prince Of Petworth January 15, 2013 at 10:30 am 9 Comments

This week, Let’s Choose DCa partnership of PoPville, Greater Greater Washington, and DCistasked candidates for the April 23 at-large special election about crime.

We asked the candidates:

Chief Lanier and Mayor Gray have made a lot of the drop in homicides, but other crimesassaults, robberiesremain stubbornly high. How should DC police deal with those challenges, and do you have an opinion on how many officers MPD needs?

Read and vote on candidate responses here. Let’s Choose DC gives you one candidate response at a time, selected randomly. Your vote will count toward the results once you vote on 5 responses.

We posed the question on January 8 to all of the candidates who had taken out petitions by that point. Nine candidates replied: Diallo Brooks, AJ Cooper, Matt Frumin, Jon Gann, Patrick Mara, Pedro Rubio, John Settles, Elissa Silverman, and Paul Zukerberg.

Voting on the first question, about candidates’ vision for the future, has ended; we will tally the results and post them later this week.

  • 16th Street Heights

    None of these candidates interest me. There have to be some better candidates out there? I am sick of Patrick Mara because he’s ran so many times for political office. He should give up and disappear from out of sight. I was interesting in AJ Cooper in the past, however, he turned out to a unattractive candidate. I’m not talking about his looks. LOL

    Congress should take Home Rule from D.C. and put 3 Commissioners back in place overseeing D.C. affairs.

    Native Washingtonian

    • 16th Street Heights


      There has to be better candidates out there to run for the D.C Council. I was interested in AJ Cooper in the last election, however, he turned out to be an unattractive candidate.

      • Anonymous

        Take a look at John Settles. His kids go to school with mine at DCPS. Nice guy, smart and with lots of skin in the game.

    • I’m underwhelmed. To be honest the crime question answers seem a bit more cogent than education. John Settles, seemed have solid answers on both.

  • Let’s design a website hosting a question about the challenge of assaults and robberies with the font from the Grand Theft Auto franchise, FTW.

    • GTA and your health

      this is why we need to discourage the consumption of lead paint chips in this country. Stunningly, impossibly dumb.

  • Anonymous

    That site annoys me. First, it makes you vote before you can see other candidates’ responses, then, if you vote a couple of times, it forces you to create an account. Not worth my time.

  • j

    Please make this site more open and easier to read. Why in the world to we have to rate questions in order to see all of them. Also, the font used for the questions is difficult to read. I appreciate the effort, but could you please make it more accessible?

    • Click on the candidates’ pictures in the upper right corner. You can read all their answers to all the questions.


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