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I’m pleased to announce a new site to help DC voters get to know the candidates for the upcoming April 23 special election for DC council at-large: Let’s Choose DC, presented by Greater Greater Washington, DCist, and PoPville.

Let’s Choose DC’s goal is to dig into the candidates, and their stances on the issues that matter most. It will help you decide, and also help you better understand how other people view the candidates.

Each week we’ll send each of the declared candidates a question on an issue of importance to DC, like education, crime, affordable housing, and so on. We’ll post their responses on the site. You’ll not only get to read them, but also vote on them. If you think a candidate is too vague, say so! If there answer is detailed and precise, even if you don’t agree with it, you’ll get to tell them—and other readers—as much.

As the weeks go by, we hope to build more detailed profiles on each of the candidates, and challenge them all to think beyond traditional sound bites and talking points. And by the time the election rolls around, you’ll have a single place to come to see where the candidates stand.

We asked all of the candidates the first question during the holiday break, and almost all of them have responded to the question:

The District has changed a lot since 1993, and will likely change much more by 2033. What are 2-3 changes you hope to see by 2033, and how will electing you to the DC Council help bring them about?

See their responses and give your votes at Let’s Choose DC.


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