• Not a big surprise to me. Camera shops are closing down as fast as bookstores.

    • Rich

      Truly full service camera stores have held on mostly because Ritz gives them no competition. they should have crumped entirely with their bankruptcy.

  • Anonymous

    Is there any place left that will develop B&W film on site in DC?

    • I share the question…and look for an answer too

    • utterlyanon

      penn camera on E street, still remains. They do it on site, last I remember.

  • JL

    I hate to see another camera store close, but the reality is that this place just wasn’t great. I went in a couple of months ago to try and get a replacement battery for my point-and-shoot. They had one, but it was something like $35 (not even the official Canon brand), when the exact same thing could be had online for $9. The salesperson was not particularly friendly or helpful, either.


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