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  • She rides me for hours and then gets on that phone as soon as she’s done. It’s like she thinks of me as some kind of animal.

  • me

    Where is that National Horseshare station?

  • anon

    “Hello Elmer’s… yes… that’s right…. Spirit didn’t do as well as we had hoped…”

  • I guess horses aren’t allowed at the Greene Turtle…

  • Anonymous

    The latest in the war on cars…

    • *forgot to sign in!

  • Anonymous

    Give me back my cell phone B*&$%!

  • cacheup

    what do you mean the OTHER green turtle?

  • dcrachm1

    She had to dismount – talking while riding is illegal in DC.

  • Jimmy John

    Yeah. I told him we should get tapas at Jaleo – that it’d be way better than Greene Turtle. You know him – he never listens…

  • ugg

    Hi, I have brought the horse for the “Pony show” which direction is Dupont?

  • Ho

    After the hurricane he did a full transformation.

  • B

    Yes Uncle Mitt, I told them he’s a service animal. Didn’t work.

  • Meet your new candidate for Council at-large!

  • Eric

    “Wait, Romney lost? Well what am I supposed to do with Rafalca!?”

  • JB

    Can you see me now?

  • Anonymous

    Momzees you were right, this is the best accessory ever!

  • live from Columbia Heights

    Oh, IRON Horse! I thought you said BRING a horse.

    • Anonymous


    • lamonting

      this one!

  • Micah

    Wait. WHAT. They cancelled the open interview for horse cops.

  • Chris in Eckington

    You can lead a horse to the Green Turtle, but you can’t make him drink.

  • PG

    “I knew I should’ve taken that left turn at Albuquerque!”

  • Gone

    She left with the Horse she rode in on.

    • Anonymous

      Good one!!

  • After achieving such great success with Capital Bikeshare, DC decided to launch a first-in-the-nation horse share program.

  • JonB

    I love Downton Abbey but this time travel story arc really doesn’t make sense

  • dcd

    Edna didn’t het the word that Mares’ Night at the Greene Turtle was changed to Wednesday. (Mares get half-price hay and a free curry-combing! Stallions pay full price.)

  • dcd

    “You want to do WHAT with the horse I rode in on?!?!”

  • dcd

    “Of COURSE I look ridiculous! I told you I would! It’s 2013 – who still wears a Swatch?”

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Jessica Parker scouts locations in DC for her next project.

  • TG

    We picked the Greene Turtle because they have no dress[age] code requirements.

  • JT

    “Sometimes I feel like he’s just along for the ride.”

  • Why the long face? I just had lunch at the Green Turtle!

  • JS

    Hipsters these days will do anything to eliminate gears from their commute.

  • Anon-e-mouse

    “I’ll be a little late to happy hour. I don’t have any change and my horse doesn’t have a license plate. So you tell me how I can pay the meter other than pay by phone.”

  • What’re you looking at? My saddle’s made by Longchamp!

  • Stations will be closed between Mt. Vernon Square and L’enfant Plaza. Shuttle horses will be provided.

  • an

    Really, Smith Point doesn’t have valet parking either?

  • CNN wasnt kidding when they said the fiscal cliff negotiations involved some serious horse-trading

  • anon

    Seriously? Yes Bob, there is a difference between Mount Vernon and Mount Vernon Square.

  • Hi, your Uber is arriving now!

  • PG

    “Yeah, I went to that place you told me about. But when you said it was a sports bar I thought you said a horse bar!”

  • Yeah, if RGIII had braces like these he’d still be ok. Playing the Colts.

  • Ben

    “I’m taking congress on it’s daily stroll, I’ll be back in 30”

  • Benjamin

    “I’m sorry PoP, the horse’s ass award had to use the restroom. I’ll be there in 10”

  • Sweet City Ride: 18th Century Edition

  • RealityCheckDC

    Pippa was adjusting well to her new life in the city, but it has been a much harder transition for Mr. Ed.

  • Jordan

    “No the demonstration didn’t really work out. Turns out the democrat mascot is actually a donkey.”

  • Anonymous

    OK . . . . How can you find me? Well, I’m wearing a light blue shirt, white pants . . .

  • Anonymous

    I told you, no, they don’t have a hitching post.

  • CB

    This guy Ed I just met won’t leave me alone…he’s seriously stalking me. He said I accepted the horse’s neck drink he bought me and said I’m wearing this outfit that’s obviously leading him on, but I got right up in his face at least five times to tell him neigh means neigh!

  • DC20009

    I told you Trigger would be a lousy wingman! I am outta here!

  • MBRU

    After returning from a short errand using ZipHorse, Jane found that the reserved spot was once again taken and that her call to customer service was of little help.

  • Andy

    “Yeah that’s right, if it weren’t for this horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college!”

  • EmilyN

    “Yeah, his online profile said ‘real stallion’. I hate OKCupid”

    • anongardener

      Ha ha! I vote for this one!

  • MB

    Susan, being the fashionista that she is, knew that her accessories to compliment her riding boots would turn some heads.

  • Alexander

    “So, my horse and I walk into a bar…”

    • rr

      bartender asks, why the long face?!

  • soozles

    Of course, I have him on a leash! There is a leash law, you know.

  • I told you, No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.

  • PforPetworth

    Damn Apple maps… I wanted Turtle Lake, ND, not the Green Turtle.

  • If you want a friend in this town, get a horse.

  • Anonymous

    “Hello Mrs. Heinz Kerry. I found your husband at the Green Turtle and I’m taking him home right now.”

  • blueskyrich

    “Coco, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Middleburg any more.
    Siri, where has that freak tornado blown us to !?”

  • Matt

    Where did you say that water source was?

  • Rococo

    Gentry-fication complete!

  • Absolutely not Brad! It’s Fox and Hound or nothing.

  • “Can you hear me now? I’m a little hoarse today.”

  • Andrew

    Mommmmmmm, my horse wont let me ride her, I want another one!

  • Lauren finds a passive aggressive workaround to Rock Creek Church Cemetery’s “no dog walking” policy.


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