New Restaurant Coming to Girard and Sherman Ave, NW to be Called The Hilltop Restaurant and Bar, Opening Late Spring/Early Summer

by Prince Of Petworth — January 23, 2013 at 11:11 pm 23 Comments

Girard and Sherman Avenue, NW

A few weeks ago I shared some news that a new restaurant was coming to the long vacant building at the corner of Girard and Sherman Ave, NW. Thanks to a reader I was able to speak with one of the owners – Sam Jahanbeen. Sam was kind enough to share his plans for the space. First of all Sam is the nephew of the owner of Saloon on U Street. And that’s not the only Saloon connection – Sam’s business partner is Kaleabe Getaneh the former bar manager of Saloon.

And like Saloon, The Hilltop Restaurant and Bar will focus on German beer and other imports. But in addition to the focus on beer the duo also plan to offer a solid dining option. Nothing fancy but comfortable “American fare”. The key to Sam is comfort. Unlike the Saloon, The Hilltop Restaurant and Bar will not enforce (love it or hate it) no standing rules. They hope to keep the atmosphere relaxed and a real neighborhood spot.

The restaurant and bar will take over the whole first floor. And in the warmer months there will be an outdoor seating area as well as a window that opens up like El Chucho on 11th Street and Pearl Dive on 14th Street. Lots of updates as construction progresses. Can’t wait for late Spring/early Summer!

  • For long-time residents of this area, this is a real “wow.” My frame of reference for this corner – and Sherman Ave. in general – is shootings. DC sure is changing. This place looks amazing, a potential gem for the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    What an amazing addition to this neighborhood – this entire area is quickly changing. Can’t wait until they open!

  • monkeyrotica

    Sounds cool. Although, if they made it an “American fare concept,” they could charge $10 more per plate. Just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness there will be no “no standing” rule. With so many young families in the area, this could really take off as a great casual place to grab a beer and burger.

  • anonymous

    I live around the corner from this place and couldn’t be more excited!

  • Anonymous

    as a Sherman resident, I couldn’t be more excited. Madison Corp (builders of The Coupe and 1020 Monroe) has new condos in the works on Sherman and Harvard, as well.

  • NHRes

    Congratulations to Sam and Kaleabe! Can’t wait to spend lots of time there! Will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood and couldn’t think of better people to patron.

  • awesome. buy a house a block away, things start to grow.

  • “The Hilltop Restaurant and Bar” – guessing the owners are hoping this will be a Howard hangout.

  • I live nearby, but I will probably just live at this restaurant instead. So excited.

  • AnononThursday

    If this place is even marginally good, they’ll make a killing. Very exciting!

  • Logan

    So exciting! I can’t wait to learn more. I love my neighborhood and all of my neighbors and I hope this will be a great spot for everyone.

  • Anonymous

    What is the “no standing” rule?

    • You can’t stand and have a beer at The Saloon. You have to be seated – if no seats are available then you have to leave.

    • If you are eating or drinking at the Saloon, you must be seated in a chair or a stool. If there’s nowhere to sit, then you can’t stay.

    • Anonymous

      Must be a nube.

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome and the location fills a void in the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    Is the location actually a Hilltop?

    • No – this must be in reference to its proximity to Howard U., which is also known as The Hilltop.

      • Anonymous

        So is Georgetown

        • Yep, it’s in reference to Georgetown, not the university a block away.

  • Ah, finally, a local!

  • Brooke

    What a great addition to the neighborhood. My husband and I frequent the Saloon (and the no standing policy!) and always have enjoy catching up with Kaleabe. Here’s to the Hilltop!


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