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Saloon Has A Sweet 2nd Floor

by Prince Of Petworth April 8, 2009 at 11:03 pm 10 Comments

DSCN7918, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Saloon on U Street between 13th and 12th is a great bar we have discussed in the past. Last weekend for the first time I got to see the second floor. It is phenomenal. Very large and comfortable, though there are limited options for beer and food. So my question is – why isn’t the second floor of the Saloon open all the time?

  • eva

    Love that you manage to capture the friendly owner sitting out front in the picture. He always gives me a big smile when I walk by or siddle up to his bar. :)

  • eva

    Love that you managed to capture the friendly owner sitting out front in the picture. He always gives me a big smile when I walk by or siddle up to his bar. :)

  • Binkesworth

    The upstairs doesn’t quite have the same local pub vibe, and I couldn’t see myself enjoying it the same way as I do the “traditional Saloon”. But yeah, it’s like a mini version of the 9:30 club w/ stage and balcony. It’s such a huge space you’ve got to think he’d at least sublet it.
    And, yeah, funny how Kami can always be seen outside now, since the smoking ban.

  • Chris in Eckington

    I think when it first opened in 1999 or 2000, the upstairs was intended for use as a jazz club. There was a difference of opinion between Kami and his other partners over the “vision” of the Saloon and it closed down for several months in 2001 or 2002. When it reopned, he was the sole proprietor and he seemed less willing to open up the upstairs or rent it out for special events.

  • I lived a block away from Saloon from 98-02. On the upper floor, there were monthly neighborhood meetings & lots of private parties. It is quite nice up there!! It’s too bad if CinE is right about it being much less available.

  • J.Con.

    The Saloon sucks unless you like spending money at a place with a rude-a*s owner and too many rules.

  • Anonymous

    The Saloon is awesome. Yes, the owner discourages hoards of roaming frat boys from crashing the place (i.e., there’s a “no standing rule” — if there’s not seat available you’re out of luck).

    I only go in there once a year or so, but he always remembers my favorite beer. Now that’s service!

  • I think that space is primarily used for private parties. It is a great space for that, for sure.

  • Stephanie

    Kami was probably rude to you J.Con. because you disrespected him and his establishment. There are plenty of other bars on U St. that have standing room. That’s why if I go to the Saloon, I get there early….so I can enjoy the excellent brews and talk to Kami (who remembers me everytime I go). That guy is just plain awesome.

  • RD

    J.Con. No beer for you! Come back, 1 year!


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