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Vacant Property at Sherman and Girard St, NW to Become a Restaurant

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2013 at 10:30 am 21 Comments

A reader tweets @PoPville asking what’s going on with one of the vacant buildings at the southeast corner of Sherman and Girard St, NW. I stopped by yesterday and saw a permit posted saying future use will be a restaurant. Stay tuned for updates as construction progresses.

Hopefully this will encourage development of the long blighted property across the street on the northeast corner of Sherman and Girard:

  • Jay

    This could be a very welcome addition to the neighborhood… as a nearby denizen, I still don’t feel safe on Sherman in this area.

    • John

      This is a great neighborhood and is quite “safe”. It doesn’t look like a neighborhood some might typically consider “safe”, though. Maybe you should try to use statistics or non-code words to make your point?

      • newintown

        There are entire blocks of Sherman with no working streetlights. That makes me feel unsafe at night. He’s not using code for anything.

        • Anonymous

          Can you report them to 311? Have never seen any on Sherman that are out.

      • Poon

        I think this area is just fine, for the most part, and normally I’d be defending it. But I think that putting words like “safe” in quotes, and possibly implying that Jay’s comments are racist, or some such nonsense, is an absurdity all too common among unjustifiably indignant PoP commenters. I’m familiar with this area, and while virtually no one who reads PoP and lives over there is in any danger of, well, anything, it’s not unreasonable to say that it’s possibly off-putting to people not familiar with the neighborhood.

        I’ll leave it to the owner to post specifics about this place, but suffice it to say I know who he is and this place is going to be awesome, and hopefully open in 2013. The other building mentioned above, on the NE corner of the same intersection, was recently sold and is expected to also turn into a restaurant. The Greek Spot will be open this year as well on the SE corner of Harvard and Sherman.

        It’s reasonable to think this area is a bit unsafe, but it’s going to completely change in the next year or so and it’s going to become part of a larger Park View renaissance.

        • Yoda

          That sounds Poontastic!

          Thanks for the info!

        • Bill

          Well, there you go.

          1. Racism doesn’t need to be intentional.
          2. Who does it need to be “safe” for? Are attitudes that people have regarding what’s “safe” appropriate? You say that they aren’t because they aren’t in danger of anything, but then defend its use.
          3. You say the area’s just fine, but will have a “renaissance”. Who will that renaissance be for? You imply it’s going to get better, so the safeness doesn’t matter now anyways, right? Let me ask: Is the neighborhood the area only or the area and the people? Who’s it going to get better for?

          Development is necessary, but it should be for everyone and respect the neighborhood for what it is.

          • Eureka

            As someone who has lived on Girard and Sherman for the past 10 years caring for an elderly family member, I am looking forward to less crackheads, less gang members, less rats and discarded mattresses, and an influx of people who take pride in themselves and the neighborhood. Who wants boarded up buildings and prostitutes? This isn’t Baltimore!

          • Anonymous

            pc policing. cute.

          • Carrie

            I’ve lived right on that corner for a while. I’d hate to see it turn into what Columbia Heights is turning into: high-priced condos, chain stores, entitled yuppies. Not that these restaurants will necessarily do that (looking forward to them!), but with Howard right there, this neighborhood has a lot going for it, and I’d hate to see it turn out that way.

          • Anonymous

            @Anonymous: PC policing > dumb ideas

          • anon

            Bill’s response seems very philosophical and abstract.

            Like Eureka, I have to think it’s a good thing to have more “people who take pride in themselves and the neighborhood.” I’m certainly getting tired of picking up all the litter that neighbors who don’t take pride in themselves and/or the neighborhood leave on the sidewalk.

      • Jay

        Wow, thanks for the assumptions. As it happens one of those “statistics” was a roommate of mine who was assaulted and robbed in this area of Sherman. By “safe” I mean that people of absolutely every color shouldn’t have to worry about being attacked and robbed in this area. I believe that foot traffic and removal of blighted/abandominium buildings helps reduce the risk of such incidents.

        • Anonymous

          I hope your friend is okay, but anecdotes aren’t really great at proving points. Anyway, I think the previous commentor took issue with how you framed things.

          • Jay

            As it happens, my roommate is not completely okay. And, no, I didn’t frame anything in the wrong way. There were no codewords and it’s ludicrous to assume there were. I will try to phrase this more clearly for those who were struggling.

            I personally do not feel safe in this area. My roommate was attacked here. It is dark and there is little foot-traffic. A commercial establishment will add light and people, which may help make the area safer. That’s a positive thing.

  • Anonymous

    This is really great news!

  • jim

    No. That will be a little farther north from here.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so excited to see this area get cleaned up and used in a positive way. Sherman has a lot of potential to be a great avenue once again. It has been neglected for far too long and already the improvements have made a huge difference.

  • Shaw-Eric

    This is a great building! I’m really psyched to see a restaurant go in here. I live nearby so I’ll be a regular. Seriously, no matter what goes in…

  • This news just made my day! I can’t wait to see what restaurant goes in, and to be a regular there! It’s been great seeing 11th street explode with dining options that are now walking distance from where I live, but I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for those dining options to make their way down Sherman. Here’s hoping that planing, building, and opening all go smoothly for the intrepid entrepreneurs… and yes, that the building across the street may finally see some new life in its future, too!

  • Anonymous

    This is excellent news about an already great neighborhood. I also agree that the vacant property across the street (2801 Sherman Ave) really needs to be redeveloped. Consys, the redeveloper, won’t even discuss their general timeline for the property. I guess it is more in their interest to just buy blighted properties, and then hang on to them without any action for years.


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