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  • Pocket

    Live nearby and have ordered their food several times. Pizza is a contentious subject in this town so I’m sure you’ll get a lot of “it’s not as good as pizza from my preferred city of choice (chicago, new york, new haven, whatever)”, but I would say overall it’s been quite good. Sort of a standard hand-tossed crust, not too thick, not too thin. Ingredients have been tasty, price is reasonable, options are varied enough that should be something for anyone. I wouldn’t say go out of your way to try em, but if you live nearby or are in the area and just want a decent pizza I highly recommend.

  • Chocanon

    Better than NY Pizza or Dominoes, not as good as We the Pizza, Matchbox or 7th Hill, but waaaaaaaay cheaper than those three. Not a bad option on a desparately busy weeknight. We have called it in and then picked it up. Nice owner.

  • Brian

    I would agree with Chocanon. It is better than NY pizza and Dominos but not as good as We the Pizza. A great spot to stop on the way home, plus the staff is friendly.

  • Anonymous

    How is the B Spot? I’ve never heard anything about them.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve played at the B-Spot a few times, and although it’s not ideal as a music venue, the people who work there are SUPER cool and supportive of local musicians. I’ve had a smoothie there that was tasty, and the owner made something called “southeast chicken” that basically was chicken salad with some secret ingredients. The percussionist I played with said it was worthy of the second coming of the messiah…

  • Anonymous

    Is there a Pizza place with a variety of slices? Mellow Mushroom does it but only during a limited time period.

  • popupowner

    other posters are spot on. Better than NY Pizza (anytime I ever ordered anything with sausage from NYP, we got sick). Fresh ingredients, decent pie. The Mediterrean Vegi is pretty good.

  • Brotomac

    I’d concur with the others. I live down the way and had a pepper and onion pie a week or so ago. It was a standard pizza, much better than New York Pizza for sure. I’d put it on par with Boli’s, but closer to those of us further down PA Ave.

    This raises another issue though, does anyone actually order or like the pizza from NY Pizza. They usually seem irritated when I try to acquire their pizza, but always seem to be busy. The place really has me wondering…

    • I ordered a pizza to go from NY Pizza. 20 minutes later, they told me they forgot to make it. Before that, I ordered the “gyro” and I got a greasy pita covered with strips of grey bologna with what looked like pieces of feces in it. The place reminds me of that pizza joint on 14th that was never open and when it was open, they tried really hard to not give you your pizza and when you ordered delivery it never showed up. Now, I’m not accusing them of being a money laundering front, but they’re a money laundering front.

    • Anonymous

      i ordered from there once. it was consumable. but on the plus side it was really inexpensive.

  • At first I misread it as Pizza Hole, which is what I call my mouth.

  • Jack5

    We could really use a few NY style pizza spots in Petworth… Good pizza (outside of chain stores) are sorely missed.

  • Good cheap slices. Meatball sandwiches are decent as well. Better than the usual chain delivery joints, not as good as 7th Hill, but they’re not competing with 7th Hill. Not a fan of Matchbox anymore; the last time, the crust tasted like Red Baron.

  • Dan

    “Iole” is awesome. I crush slices from there at least 4-5 times a week. If you’re gonna get a whole pizza, I recommend the thin crust.

  • Nina Favro

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  • ET

    I like the crust here better than We the Pizza. It is fairly basic which to me puts it in a different category than 7th Hill. After a creature was on my pizza from Al’s -this is my “I just want a basic pizza” place. What is nice is you only have to buy a slice (a big one though) and not the whole pie if you don’t want more than that.

  • Anonymous

    Some neighbors said that Pizza Boli was better, and since that has the most vile, disgusting food I have ever eaten anywhere, I’ve avoided Pizza-Iole.

    But then you guys are saying Boli is better than NY Pizza, and that’s just insane. NY Pizza is barely better than Domino’s or Papa John’s but is significantly better than the vomit-fest that is Boli.

    Whatever. Bistro Italiano has the best pizza, but they don’t deliver, so there’s nothing.

    • Puzzler

      Poor Mr./Ms. Anonymous. Boli is delicious. I pity you for having the kind of life where you cannot appreciate Boli. Anyway, these posts have convinced me to try this place!

    • Anonymous

      best and better are subjective. always. and double always for opinions on pizza.

  • I’m so glad you posted this– I’ve been meaning to try this place but keep forgetting it’s there. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a basic pizza rather than the fancy brick oven kind (which frankly I can make just as well at home) and we haven’t found a good place to get one here. Sounds like -lole should fit the bill.


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