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Judging Restaurants – Mi Vecindad

by Prince Of Petworth October 7, 2010 at 12:00 pm 21 Comments

Mi Vecindad is located at 1129 Pennsylvania Ave SE (near Frager’s Hardware, forgot to say happy 90th bday to Frager’s). Anyway, they recently opened up over the summer but I finally got to check them out last week. I had the tamales which were fantastic. Plus the waiter gave me a free shot of tequila at the end of the meal which was a nice touch (I think he was rewarding me for heading out in that torrential downpour last week). Even without that, this place had a nice non pretentious vibe which is not always easy to find in new restaurants. You can see their menu from thrillist here. Any other fans out there?

  • Anonymous

    beer. outdoor seating. mex/Salvadorian/cuban.

    i havent been but it sounds good to me.

  • Erik

    Went the first week it opened. My girlfriend who is a vegetarian had the vegetarian sampler platter with a bunch of different items, she loved it. I had a steak dish, forgot which one, but it was pretty good.

  • DM

    Not yet, but looking forward to checking it out.

  • Dingo

    This is Henry’s second place; he owns La Plaza in the 600 block of Penn SE, which is a great place – and Henry is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

    Mi Vecindad is much more seafood/cuban based than La Plaza, but the menu has both the guac and the queso on it, which are generally fantastic.

  • K Street

    Both of these places are great! Excellent food, low-key atmosphere, and the best staff anywhere.

    Plus, you get (at least one) free tequila shot every time!

  • jason

    Good food plus rather close to my house. Need more of these on this stretch of PA Ave.

  • The food is standard salvadoran/mexican – nothing really special. The cuban stuff on the menu is better, but still only okay.

    However, I love the service, I love Henry and I love the free tequila, so it’s definitely a favorite spot to grab some chips and guac and have a few ‘ritas.

  • Joe H.

    I’d go back if they’d drop the price of the pitcher of margaritas.

  • Anonymous

    If only there was real Mexican food in this town…how I miss Austin. I guess this will have to do.

    • saf

      There’s no real Mexican food in Texas – it’s all Tex-Mex. For me, California and New Mexico!

  • KJ

    I have been here twice and both meals were great. Very friendly staff and the salsa is the best I’ve had at a Capitol Hill Mexican restaurant. I think the food is better than La Plaza by far. The Margarita del rey (sp?) was on the pricey side but absolutely delicious. Two thumbs up and encourage everyone to try it.

  • Good stuff, particularly the Cuban items. Pretty decent ceviche. Far superior to the slop they serve at Banana F**king Cafe. Weyland-Yutani needs to nuke that place from orbit.

    • Anonymous

      how is it that you have eaten EVERYWHERE?

      seriously man, how the hell do you do it?

      • saf

        Live here long enough and you will have eaten everywhere too.

        • Anonymous

          nah. he’s eaten everywhere thats new. and even the old places he knows what they serve now.

          i know many many people that have lived here their whole lives and haven’t eaten at half the places he has.

          • They just need to quit going to the same places all the time. Seriously, there’s a lot of amazing little places all over town and in the slugburbs. I just make the effort to try a couple new places every week.

          • Anonymous

            so 2 new places is 100 places a year.
            how many other people come close to that?

            what you do is exceptional. more exceptional that your absurdist comedy.
            you should film your dining excursions.

          • Anonymous

            i’d suggest you call your tv show
            Eating Out DC

            Eat Me Capitol City.

  • Anonymous

    More Cuban food places in D.C. would be welcome as there are relatively few here in our nation’s capital.

  • anon

    It’s ironic that a place with such a vibrant color scheme on the walls can serve such sorry looking pale food on its plates

  • pop-up owner

    Good value, good food. Love Henry and his kids.


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