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Friday Question of the Day – What Magazines do you Read? What’s Your Favorite?

by Prince Of Petworth January 31, 2013 at 10:22 pm 89 Comments

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From time to time we talk books and movies but today I want to ask you about magazines. I’m still a bit of the old school so I don’t have an ipad or other tablet yet. And I’m starting to get some awesome deals in the mail for really cheap magazine subscriptions. Alas I cancelled all previous subscriptions because I couldn’t keep up. So I’m thinking of slowly easing my way back in with only one magazine. So for those of you who still read magazines – what is your favorite?

  • Anonymous

    Although I subscribe to many American ones, my two favorite magazines happen to be British publications: MOJO (best music mag on the planet) and the Times Literary Supplement. What I pay for one of those subscriptions would net me about 10 U.S. ones, so, yeah, expensive. But: worth every penny.

  • The New Yorker. I don’t ever remember being without it. My parents subscribed, so it was in my house when I was growing up. I rotate through a bunch of other ones.

    • JenDC


  • goneshootin

    All of ’em, any of ’em that have been in front of me over all these years.

  • Anonymous
  • alex


    Can’t choose a favorite as each fits into a different category.

  • ch

    The Atlantic.

  • LP

    I like the Washingtonian. The feature articles are always interesting!

  • Anonymous

    Oxford American (but only the annual Souther Music issue) and reason.

  • Max

    GQ and the Economist

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Goofus & Gallant rock!

    • Roz

      Wow. Funny. Nicely played.

  • OK, at the risk of being scorned forever by the intellectual PoP readership, I’m gonna out myself here and say there’s nothing better than a lazy afternoon curled up with O or People magazine.

    In the words of Jack Donaghy: “The American public just wants their Honeys Boo Boo and their Sunday Night Feetball.”

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Couple that w/ a Mob Wives or Real Housewives of NJ marathon, and my day is good…and I will only admit here….anonymously….

  • The Atlantic and The Economist. When they both arrive on the same day I feel like I’ve hit a jackpot. Both are a little pricey, but easy to get with points/miles. When I get my haircut I indulge in Ok! and Us but I would never allow such trash inside my house.

  • New Yorker
    Garden & Gun

    • Yeah, Garden and Gun! Ha, when I first saw it, I thought it was a joke. I was gifted a subscription as a joke–and now it’s one of my favorites :)

    • Garden & Gun is AMAZING. I would subscribe just for the photgraphs alone. It fills the hole left by Outside Magazine – Outside used to be a quality publication filled with excellent writing, but sadly is now all ads.

    • Anonymous

      LOVE garden and gun! I sometimes see it on the rack at Harris Teeter in ADams Morgan ( along with cheer wine, HT is southern though). Great writing and photos.

  • rayul

    Outside …love it although I have gear and travel envy after reading it.

    • Britt

      Me too! I love Outside magazine – such great articles and information.

  • Anonymous

    Guns & Ammo
    National Review

    • anonymous

      +1. I don’t read “Guns and Ammo,” but I definitely read National Review and have a gift subscription for my dad as well. NR is my favorite!

  • la

    EW – It comes out weekly and is easy to carry to work. It has a mixture of movies, music, books, tv shows, art, etc.

    • Phoebe

      Yes, Entertainment Weekly is a great publication! I often have to convince people it is an entertainment news publication, not a celebrity gossip rag. Excellent reviews and news. (And funny.)

  • Anon

    New Yorker, Vegetarian Times, Veg News

  • oats

    Entertainment Weekly. I read it without shame cover to cover when it arrives in my mailbox Friday evening.

  • Anonymous

    GQ even though they skip DC reviews on a regular basis. Wired is also a decent pick, and Entertainment Weekly mainly because a tenant that used to live in my house didn’t update their subscription address.

  • Motorcycle Mags: Motorcyclist, Sport Rider, Super Street Bike
    Skateboard Mags: Thrasher
    News Mags: The Economist

    • NoSleepTillBrookland

      Man, we need to meet up. Ha, you and I have gotton into it before on Pop but the similarities are funny. My wife hates my stack of mags next to the bed and other manly places. Now I don’t read Econimist, but all the others, yup. Add in there Car and Driver, Surfer, Transworld Surf, Automobile, Mountain Bike, Handyman, Metropolis, Wired and more.

      Long live the magazine, I will never read them on an Ipad or such. Keep my 3 years for $19.99 coming

  • slb

    Cat Fancy and Tiger Beat.

    • Anonymous

      I loved Cat Fancy when I was 11

  • Garden & Gun
    The Week
    Consumer Reports
    PC Gamer

  • MBV

    A few people had mentioned The Week to me recently, so I decided to subscribe. I have to say, it has not disappointed. It does a great job of aggregating the best content (news and opinion) from all over the media on topics ranging from world affairs to politics to health to books and movies and entertainment. It is compact but does a fantastic job of providing an comprehensive overview on a variety of current events. Highly recommended!

  • New Yorker and The Wilson Quarterly. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the latter, it’s an excellent publication. I used to read the Economist but got a little tired of it, although sometimes I read specific articles.

  • Martha Stewart Living and Dwell. They’re on quality paper, so you can really see the colors of the interior designs. And Martha Stewart also has some scrumtrulescent recipes. My favorite spread was what to do with fresh bread, day-old bread, and week-old bread. Genius!

  • New York Magazine and Esquire

  • TW

    Runner’s World…surprised it hasn’t been mentioned yet with the number of runners in DC

    • I used to read it too! Read it for 2 years but it gets repetitive after a while. I found it very helpful and inspirational when I was training for a marathon.

    • As much as I love running, I find reading about running pretty dull. And as abraxas said, it gets repetitive: how to keep warm running this winter? The same way as last winter? OK, got it.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, although I enjoy some of their feature articles. FYI, for those who like to focus on that type of reading (as opposed to the gear reviews and the running tips) RW actually published a complication (it’s called Going Long) of a bunch of their best feature pieces over the years. It’s a pretty good read (but in book, not magazine form).

  • saf

    Fantasy and Science Fiction
    Bon Appetit
    American Motorcyclist

  • Washingtonian and Cooking Light

  • Psmitty

    I subscribe to Car and Driver, Automobile, Motor Trend, and Road & Track. However, even though I still receive all these magazines, these days I tend to get all the automotive news I can handle online before it gets printed in these magazines. But I still save them all for trips or flights so I have something nice to read and take me to another world. A guy can dream…

    • Anonymous

      I do the same thing. And for half the magazines I subscribe to, an iPad subscription is also included, which is great for long flights.

      • Psmitty

        This is actually one of the few reasons I ever think of getting an iPad… or any tablet. So easy to consume material and great pictures. Some day…

  • Anonymous

    – I subscribe to the Atlantic, except that I think it’s really declined in the past 2-3 yrs and I haven’t been reading it
    – NYRB
    – New Yorker

  • The Atlantic (and their Atlantic Cities blog is pretty good too)

  • Phoebe

    I love Cooks Illustrated and its cousin magazine Cooks Country. Great recipes, lots of good illustrations, product and equipment reviews, etc. At my house when it arrives my wife says, “honey, your porn magazine is here.”

  • anony


  • Britt

    I get the Sunday Times so I love the NYTimes magazine and as mentioned above, Outside magazine is really good. If I’m hanging around a bookstore, I’ll usually pick up Real Simple as well.

  • bizzinger

    I’ve been addicted to the Economist for years.

  • JDS

    The Economist

  • Real Simple and Vanity Fair.

    • +1 to Real Simple. I like the longer written pieces, the organizational and motivational stuff, and the recipes. I recently stopped subscribing though because I felt like a lot of the rest of it was expensive product placement. $50 belt from J. Crew? I don’t think so! But, I still flip through its crisp layout wistfully at the grocery counter sometimes.

  • Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair and ESPN mag regularly. Although my guilty pleasures are People and US Weekly, but I really only read these when I get my nails done. We also get the New Yorker, but I don’t have enough of an attention span to actually finish any of those articles.

  • Outside, Blue Ridge Outdoors, Family Handyman, Fly Fisherman. I don’t suscribe but I usually pick up an Economist most every month.

  • I like reading the Economist on my commute, though I often get behind since there’s so much in there. We also get Washingtonian, which often has interesting themes.

  • Real Simple and New York Mag (great articles and features)

  • Washingtonian
    Cooks Illustrated

  • I read a couple of more serious magazines-The Atlantic and The New Yorker, but Real Simple is my favorite. It’s just a fun, easy read for me and IMO it has a good mix of material.

    I also love Martha Stewart Living and O Magazine.

  • Anonymous

    Anything with Teresa or Bethenny on the cover.

    • Anonymous

      +1 for that comment…-1 to me for picking up on that reference INSTANTLY! ;)

  • Anonymous

    I subscribe to Sports Illustrated (who just put freaking Ray Lewis PRAYING on the cover for the 2nd WEEK IN A ROW…..embarrassing), Rolling Stone, Washingtonian, The Atlantic and gave up on Esquire. Favorite? Not sure I have one….

  • Anonymous

    New Yorker & National Geographic. I’m surprised to see only one other person mention Nat Geo! It’s fantastic. I used to subscribe to The Sun as well, and I really liked it, but I must have let my sub lapse.

    I still miss Gourmet.

  • AFAR – great travel magazine focused on experiencing a place rather than being a tourist. Love it!

  • Smithsonian magazine for general interest. Coupled with the fact that we are in the DC area, it’s great to see what new events/exhibitions are coming up! A subscription also gives you a basic membership (10% off at all the gifts shops, discount on IMAX tix, etc)

  • -House Beautiful (the best all-around interior design-type mag for the money, in my opinion)
    -Southern Living
    -Traditional Home

  • SoLo

    Mental Floss is my favorite. Tons of random facts and interesting articles

  • New Yorker.

  • Fine Gardening & House Beautiful

  • The Atlantic
    Motor Trend
    Beer Advocate

  • skj84

    I have 3 catagories for the magazines I read: Purchase, Borrow or Read at the Salon.

    Purchase: Mental Floss, Entertainment Weekly, People, Vouge, Allure, Washingtonian.

    Borrow: Esquire, Time Out New York, Oprah, Food and Wine Magazine. All borrowed from my family when I go home.

    Read in a salon: Glamour, Cosmo, US Weekly, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone.
    Vanilty Fair and Rolling Stone do have depth, but Glamour and US Weekly are strictly for reading while enjoying a mani pedi.

  • Anonymous

    Playboy – but just for the cartoons

  • Anonymous

    Best magazine? Meatpaper. Hands down, funniest, most entertaining “journal” out there!

  • crin

    Journal of Light Construction

  • S

    I cannot believe that nobody has mentioned NextIssue! I used to subscribe to a ton of magazines that would all stack up until I had time to read them, but now I’ve let all of them expire except for the Washingtonian. It’s almost like Netflix, but not streaming–for $10/mo, I download the issues of pretty much all of the monthly magazines that I would read anyways. I especially love it for traveling–you can download all of your magazines before you leave, and then it doesn’t matter if you have internet at the airport, in the air, in the car, etc.

  • Kate Jenkins

    Oxford American, GOOD, Oh Comely, The Atlantic and McSweeney’s (if that counts).

    Also, soon to come: my own magazine, which I’m founding here in DC. Out this April. http://www.theintentional.com.

  • sp

    New Yorker

  • jt

    Found it interesting there’s so few mentions of Harper’s — I don’t subscribe, but it’s a go-to for air travel. Economist, New Yorker, Atlantic are the three I get at the house.

  • QStreet

    Fine Homebuilding

  • The New Yorker.

    I haven’t subscribed recently, but I’ve been getting back issues from other people, and that’s been working out well.

  • BitterElitist

    Marquis. I can’t read German so I look at the pictures.

    I miss Surface (design). When I want to care about the world, the Economist.

  • Los

    Vanity Fair for the copy
    Solider of Fortune for the adverts

    …wait, I think it’s the other way around.


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