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  • Wow that’s a great deal. I’d be very curious to see the size of the bedrooms, at that price I’m assuming there’s a good size master and 2 tiny closet-less side rooms. That would almost be a good idea for a 2 roommate situation, with the third used as an office type thing.

    • michael k. wilkinson

      hee hee hee. at first, I thought you said “…with the third used as an office for typing.” my wacky mind went straight to a 1960s typist with cat-eye glasses, working in the back room of the house.

  • That Man A

    Loks like a deal to me assuming the bedrooms are normal rooms

    only thing that may get annoying is everyone sharing that one full bathroom
    otherwise looks like a good deal

  • sbc

    Great deal, either for a group house or a family with little kids. It’s zoned for Cleveland Elementary, which has really good test scores (and a tiny enrollment boundary).

  • Sully

    Shit no! Crazy money. But what do I know. I have been incognito to the PoP the last few months. I’s back now.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for letting us know. Everyone was all like, “Where’s Sully?”

      • Anonymous

        So is it 2750 or 2900? When you click on the link it says 2900 . . .

  • anonymous

    Feedback must have worked if the realtor already raised the price by $150/month. Thanks PoPville!


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