Fourth Question Posted for DC At-Large Council Candidates – Development

by Prince Of Petworth January 29, 2013 at 3:15 pm 7 Comments

It’s Tuesday, and that means another Let’s Choose DC question is ready for you to vote on! This week, Let’s Choose DC (a partnership of PoPville, Greater Greater Washington, and DCist) asked the candidates their views on the District’s growth:

Mayor Gray has set a goal of growing by 250,000 residents in 20 years. Previous mayors had similar goals. GMU studies suggest we need over 122,000 new housing units (each of which might hold multiple people) by 2030. How can and should the District accommodate this growth?

Paul Zukerberg, Matthew Frumin, Elissa Silverman, and John Settles provided responses, and Perry Redd this morning promised to get one to us tonight. We did not receive responses from Anita Bonds, Michael Brown, or Patrick Mara. All of the other candidates have withdrawn from the race or did not file their petitions with the requisite number of signatures.

Check out the answers here.

  • Easy answer! Divide every rowhouse into tiny condos and sell for $600k+! Pure profit, high cost of living, lack of privacy, and cramped living! Japan status, here we come!

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Japan’s pretty nice – cramped quarters or not.

  • Anonymous

    Common sense should say if you don’t have housing people can’t come. It ain’t like there will be 20,000 yuppies and hipsters living on the streets working their federal jobs waiting for housing to be built : )

  • jcm

    I just want to read the answers. Why do I have to vote? Why can’t I see the earlier answers? That site could be a valuable resource if it weren’t hiding the answers.

    • Click on the faces in the upper right corner to see all questions and answers.

      • jcm

        Thanks! That’s much better.

  • Phil

    Every time I see “affordable housing” in these answers I cringe. It’s not the answer to mandate it; you’ll only distort the market and make it more expensive for everyone.


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