• A nice Italian place, maybe something like 2 Amys.

    • Tim


  • Lei

    Pretty sure this was already leased….. don’t know what it will be though…

  • dat

    We’d love to see a new restaurant – ethiopian or indian, perhaps!

  • Timmy P.

    I live right around the corner. It would be nice to have a pub type place serving american bar food. I love Domku but have already exhausted the menu.

    • Anonymous

      Between Looking Glass, DC Reynolds, and soon-to-be Buzz, it seems Petworth already has enough Pub type places – not to mention Meridian Pint and The Coupe…

      • anon from Park View

        Looking Glass and DC Reynolds are in Park View, not Petworth.


        • Park View Pirate

          Yup! but it is close

  • how large is it?

    • upshur

      Loopnet says it’s 600 square feet. Can that be right?

      • upshur

        Sorry, bad info. I registered with Loopnet, which reports that it’s 792 sq ft.

        • so about 23 per square foot/ year ( if my math is correct)
          seems a decent deal, right?

  • Two words: Moby Dick

    I would love to get a decent kabob around the corner from me!

    • If that happened, I would weigh 700 pounds.

  • A steakhouse or pasta place geared toward the ladies.

    • Anonymous

      what does “geared towards the ladies” mean when talking about restaurants?

  • JD

    A kid-friendly restaurant, complete with play area for the kids and a bar for the adults.

    • amethystdeceiver


  • Anonymous

    someone should take advantage of that as a home rental. Thats about average for the area.

  • Anonymous

    A diner.

  • Mike

    Yes, a bakery!

    • JD


  • Anonymous

    Ethiopian/Salvadoran: fish tacos in injera.

    • i would eat that a lot.

      • dcrach

        El Torogoz is Salvadorian and is around the corner on 9th. Haven’t been there yet, but the side walk seating is always packed on nice days.

  • anon

    liquor store

  • Anonymous

    Duffy’s II, KBC II, Red Derby II, or Stoney’s II.
    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    How about another frozen yogurt place?!?!?!?!??!

  • Anonymous

    Do storefronts exist for any other reason than stuffing your face anymore, or is brick and mortar completely dead except for food and drink? I’m as bad as anyone on this count, I buy most clothes, home goods, appliances and electronics online now. So in my opinion this street needs a business that will take deliveries for you and hold for pickup, so they don’t get stolen off of the porch.

    • Anonymous

      I would be totally down for that

  • A decent Chinese carry out that isn’t like the rest of the poor quality up and down the avenue.

    • Seriously, if there’s one thing Petworth desperately lacks, its Chinese Carryout options.

  • Anonymous

    Kite store.

  • Jon

    Italian or TexMex!

  • Emm

    I have been waiting for a place in this area for the past 3 years. So I called as soon as I saw the posted sign but I was apparently two days to late. I was told that it was going to be a restaurant.

  • Princess of Petworth

    Forget a bakery or bar, we need a yoga studio in our ‘hood. I hope our friends at Yoga District are looking to expand!

  • Anonymous

    I agree, it’s such a bleak, run-down strip that could use something really nice for a change!

  • KatPost



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