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D’Vines To Sell Liquor in Addition to Wine and Beer in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth — January 21, 2013 at 11:11 pm 19 Comments

3103 14th Street, NW

D’Vines opened up back in April 2008 across from DC USA in Columbia Heights. They’ve recently applied for a liquor license for a Retailer’s Class “A” Liquor Store license so they’ll be able to sell liquor in addition to beer and wine.

  • This would be a necessary and useful service to the community!

  • DF

    Curious to see how overpriced they can sell the liquor for?
    Only problem is, unless the liquor sales on Sunday bill is passed, they’ll be closed Sundays.

  • I assume this means they will be selling growlers. Anyone hear if their sister store D’Vinos will be applying for Class “A” and restart their growler sales?

    • Anonymous

      Class B’s can’t sell growlers under the new law?

  • NICA

    I hope they sell Flor de Caña!

  • adawg

    place is overcrowded enough as it is

  • Nick

    Stoked. Hoping for growlers, but would be happy with an interesting liquor selection as well.

  • liquormeup

    I have wondered how this store stayed in business without liquor sales. Seeing that Giant has a wider selection and is significantly cheaper, this will bring me into their store again. For a guy who prefers beer, their current selection does not justify the upcharge.

    • KenyonDweller

      Wider selection at Giant? You and I clearly have different taste in beer.

  • MtPer

    There are some not-so-bad wines available at Giant but IMO dvines has much better quality, less mass produced variety. And as much as I love my basics, it would be fun to have a local store that stocked small batch booze. The selection at batch 13, for example, is awesome.

  • Flatsix

    Well I drink liquor, and I look forward to being able to buy it in my own neighborhood. CC’s prices for premium liquor are a joke. Hopefully the owner of dvines will do a bit of research by visiting AB in Adams Morgan and the place at 17th and U.

    Regarding the beer selection at dvines vs Giant… If you think they are similar then you aren’t paying attention. I don’t always like the selections at dvines, but it is quite different than what Giant offers.

  • Overpriced liquor awaits. The price points are crap here, and they do not make much sense. A bottle or six-pack is fine to buy here. Lion’s liquor on Georgia Ave. has been great for stocking up. Going to Wegman’s or Calvert has been much better for finding reasonable wine prices, if you are able to take the journey.

    • anonymous

      The wine selection is amazing. Lots of interesting wines from neat vineyards that you rarely see at the bigger liquor stores. The in-store prices are very comparable to what you’d pay at the vineyard or if you order on line. More expensive than the mass-produced stuff you find at Giant or Wegmans, but if you are looking for Turning Leaf, go to the grocery store around the corner.

  • DC-cg

    for basic beer selection (bud light, corona, yuengling, coors, etc.) you can’t really beat target’s prices. for more specialized/microbrew options, i usually go to d’vines, but the costs are definitely a bit high. great staff though!

  • Christina

    Agreed that this place is pricey. However, I’ll go for a microbrew instead of wandering over to Lion’s, plus they have mead! I wonder, though, where they will fit the liquor? Seems like all the wall and floor space is filled.

    • Flatsix

      I guess they’ll just have to stock less canned beer. What a shame.

  • I love D’Vines for their wonderful selection of beer (which I think is pretty reasonably priced considering the brands); however, I foresee some broken hearts the day I demand they fill my growlers with liquor.


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