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  • 13thANDL

    Yayyyyy! Can’t wait! One block from my office!

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes I wonder about PoP and his infatuation with 7-11 and now Dunkin’ Donuts…

    • PLEASE no more 7-11’s.

  • best coffee
    I’ll walk there from 20th and L for a coffee break once in a while

  • Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but the DD at 14th and U had signage up forever before they opened. Including their month of training.

    • Which evidently they need more of (training). Every time I go in that location they get my drink order wrong.

  • I cannot wait. I think I’m going to buy one of their cardboard hoddles of coffee the first day and drink it myself.

  • Oh God, just what I need on my way to work…..

  • There are like 5 dunkin donuts in the city now and three on 14th st. Why not spread it around a bit?

  • warlesha21

    Excited, but that is my morning walk everyday to work. It could get dangerous!


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