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Dunkin Donuts Coming to 1101 14th Street, NW Next to Jimmy John’s

by Prince Of Petworth January 1, 2013 at 11:23 pm 12 Comments

Good news for Dunkin Donuts fans who live/work near 14th and L Street, NW. WBJ’s Michael Neibauer shares word of a permit for a Dunkin Donuts coming to 1101 14th Street, NW.

Though the address is on 14th Street the only vacant retail space is actually on L Street just east of Jimmy John’s:

  • And still yet there’s no DD in Petworth or silver Spring on Georgia Ave… What gives?

  • EK

    clearly Dunkin Donuts stores in DC can only exist on 14th….14th and L, 14th and U, 14th and Girard…..

  • anon

    as i work across the street, all i can say is woo hoo!

    definitely beats the old blimpie that used to be there.

  • Hallelujah!!!

  • Anonymous

    I ate lunch at Jimmy Johns and was unimpressed. Not sure what the hype is about.

    • People eat this slop in college when they can’t stomach ramen anymore. It awakens fond memories of binge drinking, living in the dorms, and violent explosive diarrhea.

      • Seconded on the violent explosive diarhea. Last time I ate there i got quite ill. Jimmy Johns condiments are no better than the stuff you already have in your fridge, and it’s cheaper, better, and easier to just make the sandwich yourself or go to subway. I don’t know what they were thinking starting these unremarkable sandwich shops, probably Quisnos franchisers looking for the next money pit.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know why you guys expect $50 sandwiches for $8, but it doesn’t matter….Jimmy John’s sandwiches are freakin’ delicious and freaky fast to make. I have never tried one that I don’t love.

  • Guest

    There’s a pretty good coffee place across 14th – Bean & Bite I think? It’ll be interesting if that area – a couple blocks off of K – can support both.

    • JK

      Bean & Bite is on 15th between L and M. Can’t say much for their coffee (not a fan of the brew it by the cup concept), but the tea selection is good and you *HAVE* to try the carrot cake cupcakes.

  • Awww yeah!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am excited their iced too is soooo good!


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