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  • Anonymous

    Delicious croissants!

    • Are the croissants $6 – as the menu indicates assorted pastries are?
      Even if they are not, $6 for pastries? Holy Cow – that is damn expensive!

      • Not sure if it’s the case here, but typically “assorted pastries” indicates a basket with multiple pastries in it.

        • Anonymous

          I think the chocolate croissant I got on Saturday was something like $2.50. It was tiny but very good.

  • BW

    I would definitely pay $6 for a decent croissant. Plenty of places charge 3-5 and they suck.

  • Dwayne

    The foods fantastic!

  • E.Lee

    We’ve been three times, including this morning. Croissants are flaky on the inside (and warm from the oven, even at noon on Sunday) and butter crispy on the outside, bagels are chewy and delicious, the coffee’s decadent, and the rustic olive loaf has a crispy crust and fluffy inside. It’s all been perfect…really wonderful stuff.

  • nike

    …so good…i run there and home so I can justify eating it…unfortunately, I do not live far away so I may gain some weight…

  • anon

    I went there on its first Saturday. Can’t remember the exact prices but I remember thinking — wow, this freshly baked apple turnover is less expensive than a croissant from Starbucks. And WAY better. So around $2 I think for the croissants. I got a copy of their menu and believe it was their breakfast sandwiches etc in the $6 area.

    It was PACKED with young couples with their babies. Could really tell that something like this was lacking in that area previously.

  • Anon

    I went during its opening weekend, so they hadn’t rolled out the full menu yet. I have a bagel with cream cheese which was perfectly good. Cheap, too. They make you cut the bagel yourself and spread the cream cheese, but I’d much rather do this and pay less.

  • H St Resident

    We’ve been here twice so far – the food is delicious (I had yogurt with apples, bananas and granola; husband had the french toast) and reasonably priced! If you’re dining in, they refill your mug as long as you’re there. The service is wonderful and staff is SUPER friendly. Definitely a great addition for H St!


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