• Rock

    Hate the Home Depot Special beige/brown bricks that every developer seems to be using right now. The red brick on the R Street side looks pretty nice.

  • Anonymous

    No dining room space.

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly! Most of the apartments seem to have a huge kitchen island right where I would want to put a table. I really think many of the kitchens could have been better designed to allow for decent counter space and still leave space for a proper dining area. Otherwise the apartments look nice.

  • The washer/dryer is in the bathroom for a few of these units.

    • JenDC

      Not all that uncommon in urban condos … better than in the kitchen, IMO!

      • sv

        Yes! Mine is in the kitchen, but some other condos in my complex have the w/d in the bathroom. I would love hot towels fresh from the dryer every morning!

    • Hello goodbye

      I like it there! That’s where the laundry was in my last apartment and where I have it in my house.

    • Anonymous

      and your point?

  • The shot directly from the front is a little blah, but I really like the shot from the side, all the different colors, textures, and planes make it look interesting.

  • anon


  • Why do some of these units have so little closet space? I could rent here, but never buy. Where are you supposed to put your stuff?

    • DC

      Because many people do not consider this VERY important issue when they see a place. A place with less closets has more open space and shows better.

      • I get that closets are not the biggest seller of a space, but these look to really be quite small in many of the units – enough that I noticed. Some of the coat closets are tiny, and if you only have a tiny coat closet and a non-walk-in closet in the bedroom, it’s going to be a real issue for lots of single people and virtually every couple. Sure, it’s not a deal breaker for a some of people – but I think it would have made a lot more sense to design these closets differently.

  • Artiloop

    Too many doors and weird corners for such small units. The building’s appearance is better than much of the new construction around, what with at least some texture, etc., but still blah and generic.

  • I don’t know how you could possibly distinguish it from any other new condo building in the area. They all look the same and soon enough, the whole area will.

    • Gr

      Such a strange comment. That’s mostly true at any given time in the history of residential architecture except for the super rich. My 19th century rowhouse looks just like my neighbors. Is that bad?
      And what building does this one look like to you?

      • Anonymous

        It looks like Clarendon.

  • Gumpper

    This is exactly what you get when you have a bunch of ANC commissioners that want to play amateur architect. As noted, every building going up essentially looks the same, but that is largely because the ANC craps all over anything that has any architectural interest. Boring — and totally unnecessary because 14th Street has so many diverse styles that just about anything would fit in.

  • wobble

    This method of showing floor plans is not very appealing to me. On the other hand, one big new condo building put the dimensions on the room, and after measuring the sketches of the furniture, like the beds, I realized they had shrunk all the furniture to about 3/4 size — clever, but really misleading. They should at least give the square footage of the units. By leaving them out it really makes me suspicious.

  • I think it looks really sharp. Looks like a terrific place to live.

  • bb

    The building kind of towers over that block at the moment – perhaps that will change with future infill development. The style is a bit bland, but it’s not an eyesore by any means.

  • Anonymous

    14th Street view is dull. I like the balconies on R Street. They should have included more of those, if for no other reason, to give PoP some photo-chum on which to direct his best place to have coffee series.


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