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  • Anonymous

    Nice building but too far from metro. I’ll pass.

    • The U St Metro station is not far from there at all. What is your cut off for acceptable distance? 3 blocks?

    • Anonymous

      If you live at 14th and R, you don’t need the metro. Just walk or take a bus!

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. Pretty toolish comment. I live a few blocks from here, within a block of U street metro, and never use it. I either walk or bus. The metro blows.

        • Anonymous

          i share this opinion. once in a while the metro is handy, but the bus is far superior and goes more places.

          • CA

            Clearly this is a joke to to draw attention to the irony of people on PoP commenting that Ledroit, Bloomingdale, Ekington etc. are “too far” from a metro station when in reality much of Logan is just as far if not further than stated neighborhoods.

  • Anonymous

    I hope each condo has steel-bolted doors because of the thugs that hang out at the apartments behind this building on R Street.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Are those apartments of R st subsidized? They look pretty decent and with all the development on 14th, they can surely go for market rate apartments (or condos).

  • paulcotton

    once again, the rendering (even though pretty dull) was more interesting than the actual building.

  • jeffykay
  • anon

    My answer is the same with every one of these urban gentrification and renewal developments…”It is a hell of a lot better than what was there before”.

    Is it going to win an architecture award? No, but its creation employed a lot of people, it replaced an under utilized parcel and it will bring more people with more incomes into the neighborhood. This will in turn spawn ancillary business to take advantage of the new disposable income. And lastly, the city makes out with substantially higher property taxes.


    • fid


  • Rock

    Really don’t ike this beige brick that developers in DC seem to spend every waking moment of their lives drooling over. Is beige brick extra cheap? is it the developer equivalent of the 39 cent beige ceramic Home Depot tile special we see on every flip and hate?

  • Anonymous

    I am sad that AYT automotive is no longer there.

  • Gumpper

    The beige brick is what we get thanks to ANC and other “representatives” rejecting any building that has even the slightest architectural interest. Sadly, DC is a town where the few can readily screw it up for the many. Just ask Jamie Leeds.

    • Adam L

      It’s a historic district, so this is to be expected. My question is what’s Arlington’s problem? They get beige all over the place and they have few similar restrictions.

  • Just noticed today that the lot and buildings at Williard and 14th were demolished over the last week or so and they’re already digging the pit. I think that there’s now 7 major developments under construction on 14th between Florida Ave and Rhode Island. It’s a bit overkill with the traffic, no bike lanes, idling construction trucks EVERYWHERE, etc.

    I’m all for making better use of the land we have, but many of the developments are eyesores and it’s just too much to do all at one time.

    • Prince Of Petworth
    • 9thSt

      Better to do all of the construction at once than have it stretch out for 10 years

    • roccocco

      I would not recommend visiting new york to you

      • Lived in NYC for 9 years. I’ve had my fair share of traffic, construction, and delays!

    • Anonymous

      this statement is somewhat self centered no?

      • Not really. I don’t use the bike lanes and that’s a major north-south thoroughfare for bikers coming from MD and northern DC. Cyclists and pedestrians are literally forced into traffic at multiple points due to idling trucks, cones, construction barriers, etc. It’s dangerous.

        If the construction was a bit more staggered, it wouldn’t be such an issue.

        • Anonymous

          OK not self centered just out of touch with reality. You don’t get to stagger building booms, that why they are booms. Unless you know how coordinate the over all economy, interest rates, loan availabilities, real estate prices, construction crews, and throw out the benefits of working on scale.

          • It’s that type of mentality that got this country into the current mess.

            It will be interesting to see what the parking situation will be like on that 1/2 mile stretch of 14th Street once all these apartments are filled.

  • CA

    The buildings will have garages and with the commercial component to the project at 14th & U, there will actually be more parking than there is now.

    • Adam L

      We all know garages don’t count. When people complain about the lack of parking, they mean cheap street parking.


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