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  • Stella

    Maybe becuse their “food” is awful?

    • monkeyrotica

      They were always packed at lunch. They’re the closest sandwich shop to that part of the Navy Yard. When Domino’s opened across from the 9th Street Gate, they lost a big chunk of their business. They didn’t even have much of a dinner crowd. Also, yeah, food was worse than toasted Hitler. It’ll probably end up a Subway or a Comfort One Shoes or Spike’s new British Navy themed Pogues diner, “Rum, Sodomy & the Hash.”

      • Matt

        That one was horribly run and it’s about time. Now we have a potbelly next to the Navy Yard, which is loads better.

        • Ron

          I agree that this one in particular was poorly run. I was wrung up incorrectly 4 of the dozen times i went, and a coworker of mine got food poisoning after a particularly questionable sandwich from there.

  • Dan

    What’s going on? It is almost like the Jerry’s Sub Shop some years ago. Jerry’s is only open @ gas stations.

    • monkeyrotica

      Market saturation. Quiznos barely staved off bankruptcy last year. Their “reorganization” involved shutting down low-volume stores. They can’t compete with Jimmy Johns/Philadelphia Mikes at that price point, and they can’t compete with Subway in the violent explosive diarrhea department.

  • Wow, I didn’t even realize. I’m not crazy about Quiznos but it was the most convenient place to grab a quick lunch from where I work. I hope another lunch option takes its place.

    • monkeyrotica

      I’ve been hiking to the food trucks at Navy Yard Metro. You could also try Al’s Famous Deli at 8th and L. They do a decent bulgogi sandwich and their reuben isn’t too shabby.


      • If I’m going to walk as far as the Navy Yard metro I might as well go to Mangialardo’s which is slightly closer. But it’s rare that I need to buy lunch anyway.

  • Matt

    The closest sandwich shop to that part of the Navy Yard is the Subway ON THE NAVY YARD. Also, I suspect that many people are walking down to Potbelly’s now, I know that’s my preference.

  • Anonymous

    What happened to Quiznos? They started off as a tasty sandwich option but after several months downgraded the quality of their food and it all became total shit.

  • Chicken Tortilla a few doors down recently closed too. It would be great if some food trucks parked near the Ninth st gate of the Navy Yard.

    • Nicoli

      Really? What a shame. I went there fairly regularly. It just seems like anything south of the freeway has had a hard time making it.

  • rmc

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  • Rebecca

    I’m not sorry to see that Quizno’s go (absolutely awful service the few times I was there), but I hope something else takes its place. Lunch options in the Navy Yard area are pretty dismal. The Potbelly is great, but it’s still about a 15 minute walk from my office.

    There is a food truck ON the Navy Yard now – it parks in front of the Navy Museum. Fairly expensive but really good the two times I’ve eaten there. It serves Mediterranean-type food (gyros, etc.).


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