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Scuttlebutt: Busboys and Poets Coming to Takoma?

by Prince Of Petworth December 18, 2012 at 4:30 pm 16 Comments

A reader hears some scuttlebutt that a Busboys and Poets could be coming to the new Takoma Central project at 235 Carroll Street, NW. I’ve also heard some scuttlebutt that they are interested in that space. If it is accurate – do you think Busboys and Poets would make a nice compliment to the already announced La Mano Coffee Bar coming to 304 Carroll St, NW?

  • jgb

    I heard a mini Trader Joe’s a while back, too. We’ll see…

    Busboys would be more than welcome. And there seems to be a strong work-at-home contingent up here, which places like Busboys and Poets are great for.

  • Scuttlebutt about potential occupants for a building that not only hasn’t been built yet, but has had a six year delay between razing the old building and beginning to dig a hole for the next? Seems a tad premature to me.

    • Anony

      Ya, quite true!! Busyboys will be so not cool when it finally comes time. I also heard there is a streetcar coming to H Street sometime in the next 10 years 🙂

      • Anonymous

        very poor service; mediocre food; chains popping up everywhere. Ummm….its already so not cool.

        • Anonymous

          Also, posters of Che and Lenin. Mass murder is not cool.

          • Anonymous

            You probably don’t use 20 dollar bills either.

  • YES. Yes. Yes. Yes. Bring us your restaurants. We’re hungry up here!

  • Downtown SS would be a more logical location for a BB&P in that neck of the woods – it’s been a few (4?) years since I lived in TP and I don’t see how, even with the new housing development, there would be enough foot traffic to make a BB&P profitable. Plus the neighborhood will complain about parking, noise, etc. etc. — I don’t see this happening. I thought the “Trader Joe’s express”, or whatever the mini-TJ’s was originally going to be, made more sense because other than the co-op and CVS, there’s nowhere to buy groceries in downtown TP (I guess there’s the farmer’s market too).

    • Rebecca

      Agreed. Unfortunately Busboys owner Andy Shallal has said that he will not establish any locations in Montgomery County until the county stops providing tax subsidies to defense contractors.

      • Anonymous

        This Takoma Central project is still in the DC side, not Mo Co.

  • TP

    We don’t need a Bus Boy’s and Poets we need a grown up bar/lounge in Takoma NW. Takoma Station sucks charges a cover and Cedar Tavern is boring. We have no where to watch the Skins games…

    • neighbor

      TP, I agree. We need somewhere to watch the game and have a reasonably priced draft beer with our neighbors. Cedar Tavern is so disappointing. Food options are terrible and bottled beer costs more than a 6 pack from the liquor store across the street. (I mean, expensive even for DC!)

      And give me a break on the whole “we don’t have anywhere to buy groceries.” I can walk to no less than 4 places to buy what I need and can take public transportation for the rest. Just because you don’t want to go to the other side of the metro tracks, doesn’t mean it’s not available. Now don’t get me wrong, I recognize that the Safeway on Piney Branch blows. However, if you need something else, take 10-15 extra minutes and drive/take the bus/take the metro up to Silver Spring.

      Not to mention, adding a Trader Joe’s would create a traffic nightmare. Take a trip to the one over in Foggy Bottom sometime. Good luck finding parking and pray your car doesn’t get sideswiped. The beauty of downtown TP is getting away from all that nonsense after a long week in the office in downtown DC.

    • Jim

      So by “grown up” you mean a) cheap and b) shows football? Sounds exactly like all the bars I went to in college. I love places that are cheap and show football, but it’s not because they’re “grown up.”

  • jt

    This would be a great addition up here. Between residents of Takoma Park MD, Takoma DC, Manor Park, and Lamond Riggs there should be enough support for the new location. The enormous new development at the old Medstar Manor site on New Hampshire Ave NE could also provide some customers.

  • Elizabeth

    This Manor Park resident says yes please to both BB&Ps and mini trader joes!! Can we get an independent coffee shop at Kenndy and 5th NW next? DDoT is putting in a bike sharing station there, coffee can’t be far behind, right?

  • Barbara

    It’s complement, not compliment


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