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Ras Restaurant & Lounge Closed at 4809 Georgia Avenue, NW?

by Prince Of Petworth — December 5, 2012 at 4:30 pm 11 Comments

4809 Georgia Avenue, NW

Anyone know what’s going on at Ras Restaurant & Lounge? A reader sends word that they’ve been closed since this weekend. I stopped by earlier in the week and they were closed and nobody is answering their phone either. Their facebook page has also has not been updated in many weeks.

Ras Restaurant & Lounge opened back in Aug. 2010 at 4809 Georgia Avenue, NW near Fusion and Moroni and Bros. pizza. More info when it becomes available.

  • Anonymous

    NOOOOO! Awesome folks, great food, and their continued willingness to host hardcore shows made this one of the best all-around establishments in DC. Period.

    • Anonymous

      hardcore shows at a rastafarian joint? i knew i would like that place. i hope they open back up…

  • I noticed it was totally dark when I was on the 70 bus yesterday evening on my way home from work. I never did get around to eating their despite eating at Moroni and Fusion fairly regularly. I hate to lose any part of our nascent commercial strip there, so hopefully it’s only temporary.

  • On a tangential note, did the Enterprise Lounge further down Georgia Avenue (https://www.popville.com/2012/04/has-anyone-checked-out-the-enterprise-theatre-jazz-lounge-on-georgia-ave/) also close?

    The other day I was driving past what I *think* was the location, and there was a chain-link fence up.

    • heffieb

      I believe Enterprise did close. There has been a For Lease sign in the window for a little while now.

      Anyone know what is going in on Georgia on the other side of Columbia Rd next to BIG? The building had been a shell and was demolished earlier this year after it caught fire. Now there are cinder block walls going up.

    • gotryit

      Yes – the place closed. The group is still performing at a place a few blocks down Georgia. Not sure if it was just lack of business, or the nasty dispute with the property owner.

    • Thanks for the info, HeffieB and GoTryIt. That’s too bad the place didn’t last.

  • spirit equality

    The owner of Ras used to own Kaffa House on U Street, I believe. Very cool brother. Great music there and the food was good as well. Hope this is a misunderstanding and we find out they’re still open and a-ok!

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is just temporary- the food there is/was great!

  • rockcreek

    Solid food and a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere – I’ll miss it if they’re really gone for good.

  • Anonymous

    I thought their food was bad. So i’m not sad.


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