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Friday Question of the Day – What Should the Tagline be for the DC Streetcar?

by Prince Of Petworth December 6, 2012 at 10:22 pm 56 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

DDOT writes:

We need your help to identify a tagline for the DC Streetcar. A tagline is a slogan or phrase that conveys the most important attribute or benefit. Our streetcar brand is getting an upgrade and you can be a part of creating this new image by sharing your input in this survey that takes 5 minutes or less to complete. We ask that you submit the survey no later than Friday, December 14, 2012.

I thought this could make for a fun Friday Question of the Day as well. I’m already laughing in anticipation: What tagline would you give for the DC Streetcar?

  • Jack5

    DC Streetcars: “Let’s hope the trains don’t arrive as late as the implementation.” Sorry, had to.

  • Anonymous

    “Welcome white people!”

    • Anonymous

      I think that line has been trademarked by an art gallery in Anacostia.

  • Anonymous

    “H St. It’s no longer hard to get to.”

  • Anonymous

    It’s like Metro but without the broken escalators

    • Anonymous

      It’s like Metrobus without the ability to move around broken down cars

      • Anony

        Or double parked cars running in to get Chinese food

  • KB

    DC Streetcars: “Things are about to get rail”

    • Sammy


      • V

        no more submissions ladies and gents, we’ve got a winner.

  • Michael

    Monorail…, MONORAIL!!, MONORAIL!!!!!

    • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    The public transit that never does arrive

  • Matt G

    DC Streetcar – where we actually provide you with the definition of ‘tagline’.

  • Anonymous

    Slowly catching up with 1960’s Europe.

    • RJS

      Ha! Seconded.

    • Anonymous


  • Anon’y

    “Swaggerjack your way around town!”

  • TG

    A street car named Desiree

  • Anonymous

    Bus sans steering wheels!

  • D

    DC Streetcar: Taking you back in the very distant future.

  • Anonymous

    The ultimate tease that has yet to deliver.

  • The San Francisco treat.

  • Wobber

    In Seattle they call their trolly the (SLUT) South Lake Union Trolly.
    If only DC could come up with something catchy like that.

    Maybe: WHORE. Whites on H, Over-intoxicated and Really Enigmatic..?

    • KenyonDweller

      I would change enigmatic to entitled!

  • josh ginsburg

    keep your head down

  • Sammy

    None of the above…
    for the options proposed by DDOT.

  • Anonymous

    Hop on board for a myopic little trip

  • Anonymous

    If that’s a ‘street car,’ I don’t know what I’ve been driving…

  • Pcat

    DC Streetcars — not coming to a station near you.

  • Stoney_D

    DC Streetcar: Over 20 percent less pedestrians run over than Metro Bus!

  • Anonymous

    DC Streetcars – We’re ready to “rock”!

  • anon

    DC Streetcar: This thing is never going to happen.

  • Lyle Landley

    Street cars are more of a “Silverspring Idea”

    • Clancy Wiggum

      The ring came off my pudding can!

  • Anonymous

    DC Streetcar: Enjoy it now, because in a few decades, it’ll be replaced by buses again!

  • “Ding ding! All aboard for inflated property values and probable muggings. Welcome to H Street, folks!”

    • Anonymous

      Ha! funny and sadly true

  • “Our streetcar brand is getting an upgrade.” Huh?? The streetcar isn’t even on the street yet. Why do they need to upgrade the “brand” already?

    On the other hand, I guess it’s better if they crowdsource a tagline rather than pay some consultant $20K to come up with something lame (e.g., “College Park: A Livable Community”).

  • InTheGaP

    Ride The Chooch

  • Anonymous

    Just like Metro, there’s a chance we will kill you

  • not a morning person

    DC Streetcar: Worth the Wait

  • Anonymous

    “See you when I see you.”

  • Anonymous

    DC Streetcar: We put the “gent” in gentrify!

  • “Because yuppies are scared of the bus”

  • wp

    “We apologize for any inconvenience.”

  • Vic

    DC Streetcar – Come See and Play With Pseudo-Hipsters in Their Natural Habitat…

  • Alan

    DC Streetcar – Better Riding, Better Living

  • dcdude

    “Better late than never?”

  • Scott

    “It’s hard to hit a moving target”

  • Anonymous

    We’re on a Road to Nowhere

    • anon

      Come on inside…

  • Anon20009

    DC Streetcar: “C’mon – we’re NOT Metro!”

  • Anonymous

    “More like AtLAST District…”

  • rozi

    oh. power. right…

  • Anonymous

    “We Get You There!”


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