Friday Question of the Day – What are you Most Looking Forward to Seeing in 2013?

by Prince Of Petworth — December 27, 2012 at 10:22 pm 74 Comments

Lots of folks still have vacation on the mind or are still actually on vacation so I thought I’d go with another fun Friday Question of the Day – What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

I’m most excited about the Stephen Starr restaurant, Le Diplomate, coming to the former laundromat at 14th and Q St, NW in Logan Circle. I’m also looking forward to checking out the Daikaya Ramen shop coming to Chinatown. What are you guys most looking forward to seeing?

  • all the new places opening on 14th street (including the places from the owners of taylor and cafe belga), as well as enjoying the current places and those i haven’t been to! love my neighborhood. #logancircle

    • live from Columbia Heights

      +1 really looking forward to Black Whiskey opening on 14th street.

  • JM

    The demolition of the Park Morton complex…

    • Anonymous

      +1, along with the new development that follows

    • AlexB

      Ditto. Excited about the next restaurants, bars and shops opening along Georgia Avenue in Petworth and Park View…now if we only get the street car!

  • zandunga

    A paycheck – currently unemployed

  • Boom

    The 2013 World Series Champion Washington Nationals

    • saf


    • caballero

      Same here.

    • Matt


    • dcd

      And there it is. No more calls, we have a winner.

      • Anonymous


    • From your lips to god’s ears.

  • Stephanie

    Redskins in the playoffs!

    And the Trader Joe’s on U St. assuming that is still going to happen…

    • Anonymous

      +1 on Trader Joe’s!

    • +1 to Redskins

      +100 to Trader Joe’s!!!!!!!!!!

  • dcgirl53

    Hopefully the adoption of a baby this year!

  • broke

    A pay raise. But since I work on the Hill, that probably won’t happen, just like it hasn’t for the last three years. So I guess I’m looking forward to new job opportunities.

  • HiItsNino

    A fully arrived Georgia Avenue!

    • petworthnewbie


      • A New Stinky Safeway!! YAY!

    • Anonymous

      DC renaming Georgia Avenue to Highlands Boulevard or Crescent Avenue. Once called Seventh St Pike and Brightwood Avenue….

      • Anony

        Boulevard wouldn’t quite work since there is no BLVD

    • 20010

      Mothership in Park View

  • Anonymous

    Arrested Development. And 14th Street needs a banana stand!

    • JS

      I’m surprised someone hasn’t snatched up that develoment opportunity. There’s always money in the banana stand!

    • I’ll meet you down at the big yellow joint!

    • Anonymous

      I think there’s already one in WeBri (aka Wee Britain.)

  • PG

    Some good festival/concert gigs (including a cd release party.) We didn’t have too many last year and haven’t had a gig since November.

  • Anonymous

    The next season of Justified, and the last few episodes of Breaking Bad. Also, jetpacks and flying cars. Back in the seventies we were supposed to have these things by 2000. Come on scientists and inventors! Do your job!

  • Teacher training at Golden Heart Yoga in Petworth!

    • its going to be awesome!

  • The new Petworth Safeway and the new Georgia Ave. Beer Garden! BOOM!

    • I thought the Petworth Safeway wasn’t expected to be finished for another 2-3 years.

      • saf

        It already feels like it has been years and years since they started construction.

      • David Tumblin

        16 months. And it may be that one has already passed! In the meantime, remember if you live nearby to use the code “Shopathome” to get free delivery from Safeway.com during the construction.

        • pru

          I just started filling up a cart online after reading your post. $7.98/lb for seedless grapes?? Is that twice the in-store price at most places?

          • David

            Alas, I haven’t used the service. But I too am interested. I think you should get PoP to start a conversation about delivery services. Yes?

            Don’t know about the grapes, but bananas shoudl be at about 79 cents a pound, right?

  • PH-90, SAPTH-60, & Quotia Zelda-40.

  • JoeEsq74

    Monroe Street Market -Brookland McMillan 2023…maybe?

  • Older and (Newly) Single

    someone tall, sweet and female, walking around my house with a cup of coffee, wearing only one of my shirts and a smile

    • Anonymous

      Call me!

    • Annons

      How about someone sweet and female, just not tall?

      • I’d be happy with just female!

  • 17th Street

    Three things:
    1. All the construction on 14th Street completed, with sidewalks and bus stops re-opened.
    2. CityCenter completed, to see if the outdoor/public spaces are a good as I hope they’ll be.
    3. Completion of City Market including the rebuilt O St Market.

  • DC to start feeling more like a community. These recent crimes just blocks from each other on Capitol Hill really have me jaded.

    • Anonymous

      Capitol Hill already feels like a community to me. The problem is that people are coming in from other places to murder and steal from us and then run away.

      • Anonymous

        I feel the same way but it is beginning to truly frighten me.

        I love my neighborhood and am sad that others are compromising it.

        • Anonymous

          I’d almost welcome a Trinidad-style checkpoint at this point.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      You’re in luck! Many things are legal!

  • Anonymous

    I live in SE Capitol Hill and I’m looking forward to the Serbian restaurant Ambar that should be opening soon. I’m also really excited about the Lumber Shed and Boilermaker Shops that will hopefully be finished in Near Southeast.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully a new job in my field.

  • Anonymous

    Continued erosion of conservative republicans’ hold on power.

  • ctk

    A baby girl, who should be arriving in a couple weeks.

  • New career opportunities and the blossoming of a new relationship!

  • Looking forward to my newborn’s first smile!

  • kken

    A federal indictment of Mayor Gray.

  • Anonymous

    City Center is supposed to be completed in 2013 isn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    The new Dunbar High School at 1st and N Streets NW.

  • Anonymous

    A great preschool for my son! DC schools process, here we come!

    • David

      Bridges Public Charter School in the 1200 Block of Taylor NW.

    • SH

      Appletree in CH — great foundation for 3 year olds

  • A slightly cooler summer. The last three summers have been way too hot for way too long and it’s freaking me out. Last summer had me thinking about relocating.

    • Anonymous

      YES. I don’t know if I can handle these disgusting summers anymore.

  • Earl of Medina

    My membership card to Hair Club for Men.

  • Shipsa01

    Wagamama! oh wait.

  • nonnymrs

    The burst of the DC Housing bubble. $800k for a house in Brightwood? $600k homes in Brookland? Really!?

    • That Man A

      Good Luck!!

      Idk if i would call it a bubble and ive lived here all my life besides my 4 years spend at college…

      It is a wave & id suggest catching it before its too late…

  • Rachel

    the opening of cervecería 100 montaditos in Bethesda! It was one of my favorite sandwich shops when I was living in Spain. I wish it were coming to downtown, but I’ll take what I get can! Also, as a former Philadelphian, definitely the Stephen Starr restaurant. Though I wish he’d chosen to bring El Vez or Alma de Cuba as those are my favorites of his

  • Real Politik

    World peace.

  • Anonymous

    John and Karen Shield’s new restaurant. A Michelin Guide for DC. Keeping my fingers crossed for both.


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